Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is leading a congressional delegation on a trip to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras that will ultimately end at McAllen, Texas.

“As our high-powered delegation begins our visit to the Northern Triangle, we look forward to strengthening our partnership to enhance regional security and stability, create greater economic opportunity, combat corruption and advance human rights to make it safer for people to thrive in their communities,” Pelosi said in a statement Thursday.

The delegation will meet with government officials to “renew our commitment to advancing our shared interests and to helping empower the people of the Northern Triangle to build a better future at home” and honor the “the enormous contributions that generations of immigrants from the region have made to the United States.”

The delegation includes 12 Democratic lawmakers and only one Republican, that is Delegate Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen of American Samoa.

Last month, President Donald Trump warned the leaders of the governments of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador that he will not send aid funds unless they seriously commit to stopping the caravans.

“We were sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Guatemala and Honduras. We’re not going to send it anymore. We haven’t been sending it for the last year because they weren’t doing anything for us,” the president said in a press conference on July 17.

He pointed out that the governments of these countries are allowing the formation of caravans with many criminals and “dangerous people.”

President Trump said the United States has been donating “hundreds of millions of dollars, like fools, for years, and all they did is send us up—a lot of people caused a lot of trouble … many were criminals, hardened criminals.”

The congressional delegation led by Pelosi will end in McAllen, where lawmakers will meet with asylum-seeking families and view detention conditions for migrants at the border.

“After concluding their visit to the Northern Triangle countries, the delegation will travel to McAllen, Texas to see detention conditions for migrants from Central America and to meet with faith-based and community leaders, as well as with asylum-seeking families,” Pelosi said.