House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-Calif.), insisted that presidential candidate Joe Biden should not debate with President Donald Trump. 

“Why bother?” Pelosi said on Sept. 25, according to Fox News. Pelosi had already downplayed the debates between the two candidates, using weak arguments.

With only six weeks to go before Election Day, Pelosi’s insistence on removing Biden from one of the most eagerly awaited campaign events by voters could undermine confidence in him, which the Republican National Committee’s communications director, Michael Ahrens, had already alluded to.

In one of his tweets, Ahrens added to the Democrats’ refusal to debate, the fact that Biden was being held in the basement of his home converted into an office and the refusal to accept the election results in case President Trump was re-elected.

“Democrats’ advice to Joe Biden:

1) Don’t debate.
2) Don’t leave the basement.
3) Don’t concede the election.

Odd way to project confidence in your candidate,” Ahrens tweeted last month.

Pelosi insists that Biden  not enter any of the three debates that the Democratic campaign had already accepted months ago, even though Biden had confirmed his participation. 

Other Democrats also called for avoiding the debates, including former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart.

These political forums, the first of which will be held on Sept. 29, have been a source of uncertainty and also of expectation for voters given the conditions of apparent mental decline that Biden is accused of.

His numerous errors and mistakes are a matter of speculation, which is increased by the intervention of Biden’s campaign advisers, who are very attentive to his actions and rectifying the mistakes he makes.

On the one hand, Biden gives the impression of reading his answers to journalists from a teleprompter, on the other hand it seems that only friendly journalists are allowed to address him and the questions are so elementary that they seem to be formulated for children, as Trump pointed out. 

Trump also believes that Biden may be using drugs to achieve normal performance in his public speaking engagements, and he asked that before the forums both he and Biden be tested.

Apparently, the debates continue to cause concern among Democratic leaders and it seems that this could detract from their approval ratings either if Biden attends the debates or if he rejects them.