Christine Pelosi said her family did not talk about politics during the Christmas holidays, and instead, her mother—Nancy Pelosi—mostly wandered how the grandchildren are doing.

In an interview with CNN’s on Friday, Dec. 27, the House speaker’s daughter said her family was together during the holidays. But they are “probably one of the few families in America who did not talk about impeachment” at the Christmas dinner table. 

Answering a question about how her family spent the holiday, Christine Pelosi said, “We don’t talk politics at our dinner table. We talk about sports and movies and mostly she (her mother) wants to know how the grandchildren are doing. So we had a wonderful time with our parents.”

“And kind of off-handedly mentioned that thing might have been happening on social media yesterday, but basically we’ve just been having some family time,” she continued.

Christine—an author—added that in her book “The Nancy Pelosi Way,” she quoted her mother saying, “You have to put politics on the shelf. You can’t obsess about things 24/7, you need to recharge and rejuvenate and be with your family. If you don’t build a life with your family, then you don’t have a quality of life that you can be out there defending when you get back to work.”

Pelosi stayed off Twitter during the Christmas holidays, writing only two posts on her social media account. The first tweet is a Christmas greeting, and the second is to tout the Bipartisan Background Checks Act – a bill that her House passed earlier this year but the Republican leader in the Senate has refused to put up for a vote.

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