House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted furiously yesterday at a journalist’s question during her institutional statement defending her “Catholic” status. However, her actions as a politician do not seem to conform her supposed religious beliefs.

When she was leaving Thursday, Dec. 5’s appearance in which she confirmed that her party will continue with the impeachment inquiry of the president whom she referred to as a “cruel” man, journalist James Rosen asked her, “Do you hate President [Donald Trump,] Madame Speaker?”

The question angered Pelosi who responded very offended, “I was raised in a Catholic house. We don’t hate anybody—not anybody in the world. So don’t accuse me of that.”

Rosen replied that he never accused her of anything, so Pelosi, visibly upset, returned to the podium where she warned him, “Don’t mess with me.”

But the truth is that many of the measures and laws that the Democrat has vigorously supported throughout her political career clash with the beliefs of the Catholic religion.

Pelosi supports abortion until birth

Although Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly declared herself a “conservative Catholic,” she is a staunch advocate of abortion.

“Pelosi claims to be Catholic, yet holds a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record and supports a party platform that favors largely unregulated, taxpayer-funded abortions at virtually any point before birth,” said Life Site.

“Under her leadership, the U.S. House of Representatives has repeatedly blocked legislation to simply require medical care to infants who are delivered alive after failed abortions,” the website added.

Nancy Pelosi supports gay marriage

The position of the Catholic Church on homosexual marriage is very clear, only the union between a man and a woman is the normal, sacred, and sanctioned by God.

However, Pelosi has been a fervent supporter of gay marriage from the beginning, something that directly conflicts with the teachings of the Catholic religion.

Pelosi supports the Equality Act

In March of this year, Pelosi introduced and defended the Equality Act, a controversial law that has put American society on alert.

“Where the original Civil Rights Act of 1964 furthered equality by ensuring that African Americans had equal access to public accommodations and material goods, the Equality Act would further inequality by penalizing everyday Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex,” denounced the Heritage Foundation.

Under this law, for example, medical professionals would be deprived of their right to refuse to perform sex change surgeries, such as the removal of healthy breasts from minors with gender dysphoria.

It would also require the opening of private facilities, including sex-specific toilets, showers, and sleeping areas, to members of the opposite sex.

“The Equality Act actually furthers inequality, especially for women and girls, by punishing anyone who does not affirm a single viewpoint of marriage and biological sex,” the Heritage Foundation said. “A federal sexual orientation and gender identity law would empower the government to interfere in how regular Americans think, speak, and act at home, at school, at work and at play. Any bill promoting such authoritarianism is a danger to our freedoms.”

In light of this reaction from Democrat Pelosi, Bill Donohue, president and director of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the country’s largest Catholic civil rights organization, wrote, “Pelosi is such a rank hypocrite that she not only selectively, and defensively, wears her religion on her sleeve, she has the gall to call herself a conservative Catholic. She would be well advised either to stop rejecting Church teachings on core moral issues, or stop playing the Catholic card to justify her opposition to them.”

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