House Democrats on Wednesday, Sept. 23, announced a bill to prevent presidential abuses and protect elections, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) alleging the President Donald Trump has undermined American democracy.

“President Trump has trampled on American democracy. But House Democrats will protect and strengthen it for generations to come,” Pelosi tweeted. “The #ProtectingOurDemocracy Act will prevent presidential abuses, restore our system of checks & balances and protect our elections.”

The Democrats hope that the new legislation would prevent presidential abuses of pardon power, ensure no president is above the law, and enforce the emoluments clauses.

The bill is also expected to prevent presidents from profiting personally from the office and secure administrative compliance with congressional subpoenas.

Speaking at a press event unveiling the Protecting Our Democracy Act, Pelosi said, “This legislative package is sweeping in design to address the President’s staggering litany of abuses and ensure that they can never happen again by anyone,” and, “This package is future-focused, intended to ensure checks and balances, not only during this term but for any future president.”

Pelosi thanked the House’s Democratic chairs for crafting the bill, which she said can prevent an assault on democracy, including abuse of the pardon power, the soliciting of foreign interference in U.S. elections, the retaliatory attacks on whistleblowers, abuse of office for personal enrichment, and contempt of Congress’s oversight powers.

“It is sad that the President’s actions have made this legislation necessary. As with other things, he gives us no choice,” she said, targeting President Trump.

According to The Hill, this legislation is expected to have no chance of becoming law as Republicans control the Senate and President Trump remains in the White House.