Boat parades of flag-filled boats with people wearing Trump masks, rows of dozens of Trump 2020-flagged harvesters, long lines of trucks, and murals painted on hay bales are just some of the original ways that President Trump’s supporters have found in recent months to lend him their support in the upcoming election.

These Trump parades, whether by boat, truck, or tractor became a classic among President Trump’s supporters, who seemed to be competing for originality. 

In a particular year marked by the pandemic caused by the CCP Virus, the traditional displays of support for candidates in the streets were not possible. Therefore, the supporters had to use their imagination to some extent in order to get their support to the candidates. Without a doubt, the president’s supporters have a big advantage in this race. 

In September, a parade of boats in New Jersey in support of President Trump drew thousands of boats of all kinds in a particularly massive turnout.

Event organizer Chris Molla, in communication with Fox News, described the event as a “peaceful organization of boats that went out to support our law enforcement officers, our veterans, and our president.”

A month earlier in Florida they also held a similar event. “This is a not-so-silent majority, and this is what will get the president re-elected,” Pam Bondi, the national co-chair of Women for Trump, told Fox News. “These are families on every boat, and they are not afraid to stand up for President Trump and his great agenda.”

President Trump himself acknowledged the support on his Twitter account by saying, “Thank you very much to our beautiful “boaters.” I will never let you down!”

In mid-September, inspired by the boat parades, Karen Mills, a supporter of President Trump, organized a successful parade in Cincinnati.

“It’s impressive,” 57-year-old Karen Mills told a local media outlet. “People are honking their horns. They’ve decorated their vehicles.”

It all started with a conversation with a friend in August, Mills said, adding, “I wanted to have a parade to show encouragement for each other during this time, to support the police, the Blue Line, to support Trump. To have a patriotic day that everyone could be included in.”

President Trump also acknowledged the event on social media, tweeting a link to a Breitbart article detailing the events.

A farmer named Adrian Powell in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, after suffering several attacks on his posters in support of President Trump, made a huge mural painted on a pile of hay bales. There is concern about the large number of violent reactions to flags and posters supporting Trump’s campaign across the country.

Powell, decided to make a huge display on his property created from a pile of hay bales he painted himself, simulating the face of President Donald Trump with the colors of the U.S. flag and a sign that says Trump 2020.

Biden’s supporters have also backed their candidate with a few rallies of their own, but his campaign has stayed away from public events on the grounds of fear of the spread of the virus.

Democrats throughout Biden’s campaign have spread fears about the virus and promoted lockdowns and endless quarantines. The campaign was virtually limited to developing an almost entirely virtual strategy to reach voters. The difference has been remarkable for Trump fans who organize and attend parades.

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