A new impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump by Democrats was held in the Senate on Monday, Jan. 27. While important defense arguments were made against the president, this was barely covered by the mainstream media.

Among the speakers, former Florida Prosecutor Pam Bondi exposed the corrupt actions and money laundering of Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Biden, at Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings.

Bondi noted how even left-leaning media at the time questioned young Biden’s lucrative service on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company, while his father oversaw Ukraine’s policy as vice president.

She pointed out that a 2014 Washington Post report stated,  “The appointment of the vice president’s son to a Ukrainian oil board seems nepotistic at best, nefarious at worst,” while a 2014 Buzzfeed News article stated that Biden’s appointment raised “serious conflict of interest issues.”

“Hunter Biden was paid more than $83,000 a month, while the average American family of four during that time each year earned less than $54,000,” Bondi said.

The senators were able to see for the first time all the bank statements that prove that Hunter Biden received more than $3 million in a period of 17 months for being on the Burisma board, despite not having any experience in oil and gas.

However, conservative social networkers such as Paul Sperry, claim that the three largest multimedia networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, blocked Bondi’s damning presentation about the Biden’s, despite giving much coverage to the live performances of the impeachment’s sponsor, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

Several witnesses stated that President Trump was right to be concerned about corruption in Ukraine. The president’s “deep-seated” view of corruption in Ukraine in the past was a “reasonable position,” stated Ambassador Kurt Volker. “Most people who know something about Ukraine would think that.

Despite the Democrats’ insistence that even investigating Burisma and the Bidens was unfounded’—indeed, impugnable—the facts according to Bondi’s arguments suggest otherwise.

The case against President Trump was initiated following an anonymous complaint by an intelligence service member who accused the president of pressuring Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to investigate the controversial dealings of Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his son (who were involved in a mega-case of corruption by Ukraine’s gas company).

According to the complaint, the alleged “quid pro quo” (demanding one thing in return for another) took place during a phone call between the two leaders where it is alleged President Trump asked for an investigation into the Bidens in return for military aid that had been promised.

However, both presidents denied any pressure and the promised aid was delivered to Ukraine in a timely manner.

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