As reported by Itamar Marcus, director of the Palestine Media Watch institute, Palestinian leaders and their Western leftist allies and complicit institutions such as the United Nations pursue a biased interpretation of the bible. In addition, they seek to dismantle Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem, the so-called “Holy Land,” with the ultimate goal of justifying Palestinian violence in their attempt to take possession of the city.

Amid an exponential development of “awakening” activism in the Middle East, Western leftist sectors have unjustifiably joined the Palestinian struggle against Jews by supporting their claims against Israel in the Gaza Strip. The most extreme have even perpetrated violent attacks against Jews in the streets. 

The Palestine Media Watch institute has been engaged for decades in researching Palestinian society to correct false narratives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For example, they have just denounced the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) reinterpretation of the Bible to justify its attempts to expel Jews from Israel. 

“The PA’s erasure of Jewish history combined with the inventing of a Palestinian history is used by the PA to define Israelis as ‘Zionist thieves, usurpers, foreigners, invaders, colonialists.’ In short people with no connection to the land who therefore must be defeated and expelled,'” Itamar Marcus told Fox News.

Senior Palestinian Authority officials have been making inaccurate public statements regarding biblical history, Itamar notes. These include current PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who in 2016 claimed during a televised address on Palestinian television that “our narrative says we were in this land since before Abraham. I don’t say it, The Bible says it. The Bible says, in these words, that ‘Palestinians existed before Abraham.’ So why don’t you recognize my right?.'”

The focal point of the conflicts between Palestinians and Jews is undoubtedly the city of Jerusalem, understood by Jews and Christians as a sacred site where the beginnings of tradition are founded.

“There is no place in the world which holds more significance for more people than Jerusalem. Yet, today, both the U.N. and Palestinian leadership are seeking to erase the Jewish and Christian heritage of Jerusalem,” Ze’ev Orenstein, director of International Affairs at the City of David, an archaeological site in ancient Jerusalem, told Fox News.

According to defenders of the “City of David,” there is abundant evidence of the millenary connection between Jews and Christians with Jerusalem. However, the Palestinians are obsessed with attacking and erasing this connection from history.

Naomi Kahn, an international spokesperson for Regavim, an Israeli non-governmental association, said: “The Palestinian Authority has undertaken a very carefully and purposefully orchestrated program of historical revisionism, in an attempt to blur and eventually erase the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.”

Instead of the “official history,” the Palestinians reportedly seek to replace it with a false history that serves their political interests, detractors charge. 

According to Regavim, more than 300 historical sites have been identified “that have been looted, damaged or totally decimated or are in the process of being destroyed” by Palestinian groups with the sole objective of eliminating historical evidence that testifies to the fundamental connection between Jews, Christians, and Jerusalem.

Yishai Fleisher, international spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron, Israel, made a strong accusation that there is a massive smear campaign in which Israel’s ancient history is being systematically erased and replaced with an invented Palestinian narrative.

According to Yishai, young Westerners are used as a political tool by Palestinians because of their ignorance of actual history.

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