The oversight committees of the Michigan House and Senate have requested equipment and materials related to the vote count in light of the findings of irregularities in the presidential election.

Faced with concerns about a possible destruction of election evidence, committee members in both legislatures voted Tuesday, Dec. 15 to demand the release of hard drives, emails, laptops, and other items, Just the News reported.

Both the Senate and the House on Tuesday gave their respective committees subpoena powers to investigate irregularities reported in the 2020 election race.

State House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall said, “I’ve maintained that it is vitally important as we go forward in Michigan to ensure our election procedures are transparent, efficient, and trustworthy when people go to the polls.”

The citations were addressed to Susan Nash, city clerk of Livonia, and Janice Winfrey, city clerk of Detroit. The resolution, which passed both the Senate and the House, was also supported by a Democratic senator.

As detailed in the Detroit News, the clerks of both cities will have to present a large number of documents at 5 p.m. on Jan.12 that will serve to expose the way they carried out their elections.

The request was made just two weeks before both oversight committees held hearings with firsthand testimony from witnesses who alleged voter fraud.

“The House and Senate oversight committees have heard testimony and claims about this election,” said state House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall.

“We’ve also heard from officials who have responded to those claims. These additional measures will allow us to look at the evidence and confirm the truth,” Hall said.

“That evidence lies within records, documents, and communications from local officials who oversaw election processes in communities where irregularities have been reported,” he added.

Hall previously asked that the election results be reviewed in order to understand what could be done about the constant accusations of electoral fraud reported by President Donald Trump’s campaign, as well as by several election witnesses.

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