The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, openly declared, “Our mission is to redistribute wealth,” generating indignation among some citizens because of his Marxist message. 

In a speech about the alleged structural racism in education, de Blasio said that this was a necessary phrase even if people were irritated, according to Townhall on Dec. 18. 

While the Democratic Party’s shift to the radical left was evident during the presidential campaign, one of its leaders had not been heard to expound his ideas so directly. 

For Townhall’s editor, Bronson Stocking, the Democrats don’t want to redistribute wealth to the poor; they want to squander it on their failed projects. 

“They want to use other people’s wealth to fund wasteful government programs, hire government workers, subsidize failed green energy initiatives, pay for abortions,” Stocking said, “throw more good money after bad on education, and spend millions of taxpayer dollars on everything from critical race theory seminars to transgender surgeries for military servicemembers.”

For Stocking, the media allied with the Democrats hide their Marxist tendencies so as not to disturb American voters, which is why they do not proclaim their socialism.

“The American people won’t notice that Democrats have become full Marxists,” he concluded.

For actor James Woods, a Republican, de Blasio’s words are literally communism.

For the Twitter user @TLC_Campy96 de Blasio’s statement was shameless. 

“They are shameless. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. I use to live in NYC when Patriot Rudy Giuliani was the mayor. The city was a well-oiled-machine. God needs to save America or Donald J. Trump does,” she said.

“He can show us all how to do it by redistributing his income and wealth. His pay should be reduced to the average mayoral pay of the largest 25 cities in America.  Equal pay for equal job,” suggested Internet user @LaCostaDon.

The user @awakened_nation went a little further in his Twitter contribution, adding the article that betrayed de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on a controversial mental health program, questioned by the mismanagement of the budget.  


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