Stan Pulliam, the Republican mayor of Sandy, Oregon, confronted the measures imposed by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, and in a letter he criticized her policies, announced that he was tired of “double standards” and assured that he would not enforce them.

The conflict broke out after Brown announced last week the extension of the state of emergency until March 3, 2021. Each county in Oregon will be analyzed and according to the number of positive cases of the CCP Virus declared, it will be categorized into different levels of risk with various restrictions. 

In a dialogue with “America’s Newsroom,” Pulliam criticized the governor’s policies and said he and society are tired of the double standard measures, “Neighbors are able to pack into malls and support corporate America, but, for some reason, we can’t sit down and support local business owners along our main street. The double standards have to stop.” 

In Pulliam’s letter to Brown, he demanded that she provide evidence to justify the closing orders. The mayor said he has yet to see anything that makes sense of business closures amid the CCP Virus pandemic.

According to Pulliam when he was interviewed by reporters, he said he was upset because when he had contacted the governor, she claimed to have the evidence that proves that “gyms, restaurants, and bars contribute to the spread of the virus,” but that after more than 24 hours, after she promised that her staff would send the evidence, it still hasn’t arrived. 

Pulliam went a step further and is now pushing for companies to ignore the closure orders imposed by Brown.

Defending the work of his citizens, Pulliam continued, “We’re at the table ready to talk and negotiate but allow us to open the doors and get these employees back to work.”  

In view of the general annoyance about the unsubstantiated rules of the Democratic politicians who pretend, until I don’t know when, to keep the population locked up, without a social life, without working, and without studying, there are more and more cases like that of Pulliam who declare themselves in “healthy rebellion.”

Such is the case of Riverside County, California, Sheriff Chad Bianco, who released a video a couple of weeks ago declaring that he will not enforce the latest closure orders from Gov. Gavin Newsom, which he said would devastate hospitals, businesses, schools, and civil liberties. 

“These closings and requests to stay home are absolutely ridiculous. The metrics used for the closings are incredibly flawed and not representative of the actual numbers, and are disastrous for Riverside County,” Bianco said in the video.

Sheriff Bianco is not alone in his claims, the citizens of California tired of the oppressive measures of the Democratic rulers, also seem to be pushing back on the restrictive measures imposed and went out repeatedly to demonstrate for their rights in a peaceful way throughout the state.

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