President Donald Trump is the only one who can keep the United States together, said the renowned author Raul Ilargi Meijer, who analyzed the situation the country is currently experiencing and keeps away from partisan preferences. 

For Meijer, President Trump is the most outstanding personality in the nation and he is recognized not only by his supporters, but also by his opponents, giving credence to his article published in The Automatic Earth, on Oct. 8.

Many things could be said about President Trump, but what Meijer is sure of is that he is not a boring character, which he illustrates by mentioning the contrast that was presented in the debate between the vice presidential candidates held recently, which, in his perception was boring.

To make the contrast between President Trump and who might be equated with him even more relevant, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Meijer alludes to the event in which Biden’s advisers took him to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Gettysburg, where one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place.

At that event it seemed jarring that Biden’s campaign was trying to legitimize Biden’s ability to unite the nation by reading a quote from Lincoln, who was a member of the Republican Party.

Meijer also points to the fact that the anti-Trump press is well aware of President Trump’s popularity, which for them means the receipt of large amounts of money, even if they say anything about him, including lies. 

“As long as Trump is part of the game, there’s nothing more relevant than Trump. That’s not an opinion. His presence has driven everything for 4+ years. It’s kept the NYT and CNN/MSNBC alive; they would be gone without him,” Meijer wrote.

“The Dems’ only message 4+ years in is they are not Trump. That’s it, no other message. If he would be voted out, the MSM would be too. Politics would stop attracting viewers and readers by 50-80 percent,” he added. 

Meijer concludes by saying that President Trump not only keeps the nation together but also the Democratic Party, because if there is one thing that keeps them together it is their antagonism toward President Trump. If all the Democratic leaders joined together, no one would pay attention to them if they didn’t oppose President Trump.

If President Trump has given evidence of anything, it is his unquestionable interest in making America Great Again, in keeping with the motto he led in the 2016 elections and has fulfilled throughout his tenure. 

There are many fields in which Trump’s administration broke records, both in the economy and in international politics, including the defense of human rights, the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation, and many others.

With just over three weeks to go before the results of the presidential elections are revealed, Trump remains firm and active even after defeating the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus in a few days, in which he also broke another record.

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