A new survey reveals that less than 2 out of 15 American voters are aware of the increased levels of illegal immigration across the United States-Mexico border.

The recent Harvard/Harris poll shows how about 13% of Americans respond properly when questioned how many illegal immigrants arrive at the US-Mexico frontier. Meanwhile, approximately 76 percent of Americans think illegal immigration is much smaller than it is, according to Breitbart News.

In April, for instance, almost 100,000 boundary apprehensions took place, alone. This brings illegal immigration on track every year on the southern frontier of former President Obama’s illegally immigration and takes the U.S. back to the Bush age. Experts are currently planning 863,000 boundary apprehensions this fiscal year, but that only includes illegal immigrants captured at the frontier and not the crossers effectively.

Since fiscal 2010 there are between 300,000 and 500,000 boundary crossers and illegal immigrants apprehended attempting to join the United States.

However, less than two-in-15 American electors properly said in the Harvard-Harris poll that there are between 250,000 and 500,000 boundary arrests every year. More than three out of four Americans, meanwhile, wrongly said that there were between zero and 250,000 borders each year.

Even Republican electorate, liberals, and followers of Trump have wrongly predicted that only 10,000 to 100,000 boundary arrests occur each year.

When voters said that over 100,000 boundary apprehensions were occurring in the last month, a majority of around 52% said that they backed President Trump’s choice to declare a domestic emergency on the southern frontier to construct a fence along the boundary between the USA and Mexico. Another 48 percent said that they were against the domestic emergency.

Nearly six in ten working classes and reduced upper class Americans promote the domestic emergency, as well as nearly 65% of American electorates living in rural areas.

As stated by Breitbart News, Republican democrats, liberals, and Trump followers all rank to build a boundary fence to prevent illegal immigration and lower the rates of legal immigration as their main objectives for 2020. Building a frontier fence and decreasing all immigration are the third and quatrième top goals for swing voters, following job stimulation and the adoption of an infrastructure proposal.

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