Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is being investigated by federal election monitors to establish whether the recently divorced congresswoman had used campaign funds for traveling with her lover.

Chairman of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center Perter Flaherty filed an amended complaint last month he submitted earlier into Omar’s campaign spending, soon after a bombshell revelation of the congresswoman’s affair with her finance chief Tim Mynett arose, according to

Omar finalized her divorce with husband Ahmed Hirsi this week, just 30 days after she filed early last month. She filed the papers after had reported her move from her Minneapolis residence to a penthouse apartment where she now resides.

Records filed to the Federal Election Committee (FEC) shows that over $369,000 has been paid from Omar’s campaign to Mynett’s company since his hiring in August 2018, and payments had been made until September this year, and records show close to $25,000 being listed as travel expenses.

Flaherty has requested the FEC probe into Omar’s campaign, known as Ilhan for Congress and payments she had made to Mynett’s company, called the E Street Group.

“If Ilhan for Congress reimbursed Mynett’s LLC for travel so that Rep. Omar would have the benefit of Mynett’s romantic companionship, the expenditure must be considered personal in nature,” Flaherty pointed out in writing.

“Federal Election Commission regulations prohibit the use of campaign funds for personal expenses collateral to travel” with the only exception being if personal funds are used “to reimburse the committee,” he added.

“Although Mynett’s formal relationship with Rep. Omar’s campaign began in July 2018, with the payment of $7,000 directly to Mynett, the reimbursements for Mynett’s travel did not commence until April 2019, the same month that [Beth] Mynett alleges in her filing that her husband told her of the affair, and made a ‘shocking declaration of love’ for Rep. Omar,” Flaherty’s complaint wrote.

“If you total her expenditure, about one-third of it went to E Street,” Flaherty said to, adding that the committee was at fault for not separating travel expenses from fundraising. “A disbursement can be a ‘travel’ expense or a ‘fundraising’ expense but it cannot be both, even if the travel is in conjunction with fundraising activities.”

Flaherty called Omar’s campaign spending “a matter of frustration” and claimed that both the Minnesota congresswoman’s campaign and her lover’s company “either continue to disregard the law or misunderstand it,” reports.

“It appears that … Mynett’s travel as reported by Ilhan for Congress may have been unrelated, or only partially related, to Omar’s campaign,” Flaherty’s complaint continued, adding that “romantic companionship” is an illegitimate excuse to use campaign funds for personal travel.

Omar, citing an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship” in divorce documents, will be sharing joint custody of their three children, aged 16, 13, and 7, with her ex-husband Hirsi. Court records have stated that the children will be residing mainly in Washington D.C. as they will be going to school there.

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