A certain rogue Democratic congresswoman strayed from more moderate contenders to endorse someone more far-reaching, while taking a jab at the democracy that had once saved her life.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) gave her bellowing endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at a Sunday rally at the campus of the University of Minnesota where thousands of radical leftists showed up to fuel the campaign.

A Fox News report also noted that neither Omar nor Sanders made an effort to stop insulting chants from the crowd directed at the president whenever his name was brought up.

CNBC’s John Harwood pointed out in a tweet last year that “any serious Democratic candidate will make a point of shutting down [the chants]” should they be shouted at the president.

Fox News contributor Byron York on Monday, nov. 4, said during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom” that what Omar said is precisely what centrist Democrats would not like to see.

York pointed out that Omar, “occupying the leftmost position” in American politics, mostly repeated “phrases most associated with the far left,” citing her reference to democracy as “Western imperialism” and clapping when attendees chanted “lock him up.”

When asked by host Bill Hemmer of his thoughts on Omar achieving that “universal dream” of securing a spot in Congress “feels more out of reach than ever” despite having been elected into the House of Representatives, York chuckled, explaining that the accusation that “President Trump had cut off all opportunities for refugees” in this country is merely a “staple on the Democratic campaign trail.”

Powerline contributor John Hinderaker lambasted Omar in a recent column detailing how the New York congresswoman “sounded like an unreconstructed Marxist” who sought for “a mass movement of the working class.”

Hinderaker tackled Omar’s logic by reminding of her past, where her life was saved because of the Western democracies that she now vehemently decries.

“How, exactly, do her own experiences coincide with her Marxist worldview? Omar comes from Somalia, which is one of the worst places on Earth, in peart because Western powers have left it alone. Its disintegration into tribal warfare is entirely self-induced,” Hinderaker wrote. “Her family fled Somalia for fear of being killed by members of rival clans, and lived for years in a refugee camp in Kenya. Who supported them in Kenya? The Western democracies, in large part.”

Hinderaker added that U.N. aid to refugees in Kenya run to more than $200 million annually.

Omar fled to the United States as a refugee in 1992 and naturalized as an U.S. citizen at the age of 17.

Hinderaker then shredded Omar’s logic behind the “Western imperialism” that she complained about at Sanders’ rally before slamming the controversial congresswoman for her ungratefulness toward the United States.

“Where, exactly, is the ‘Western imperialism’ in Omar’s story? The disasters she experienced as a child were entirely indigenous and had nothing to do with ‘imperialism.’ Since then, she has experienced firsthand the unprecedented generosity and openness of the Western democracies, in particular the United States,” Hinderaker continued. “In Omar’s railing against the country that rescued her from an African refugee camp and elevated her to Congress, there is a breathtaking level of shamelessness and ingratitude.”