A Californian “over-the-top” online streaming service will share video content that teaches minors left-wing political views.

Greater San Jose-based Netflix confirmed it would broadcast the controversial “We the People” television series, co-produced by Barack and Michelle Obama.

The former president and first lady claim their animations and music will educate children through a “civics remix.” However, the official trailer video appears to focus more on influencing youth to accept the Democratic Party’s left-leaning perspective of the world.

The trailer begins with a row of young people standing on a city sidewalk who appear to be lost.

“Can I make a difference if I do not even know how?” the lyrics said in the video shared on YouTube. “How do we do enough without a change?”

A dancing montage appears featuring a South African girl, a Thai woman, a Haitian man, an Ecuadorian girl in a wheelchair, and finally a French woman.

“I am an American citizen, this ain’t just the place I am living in,” the lyrics said. “I have got rights like electing a president.”

Another scene shows an African American female student standing and speaking in a classroom. Her fellow peers fill-in ballots and cast votes for what appears to be an election for class president.

“Pay attention so I know my rights, education is going to change the sight,” the lyrics said.

“Every state elects two of us,” another singer continues later in the video.

Then a stray cat gazes into a crystal ball and begins discussing the U.S. taxation system, from the perspective of criminal organizations that profit from illegal business activity.

“Let me start to tell you all about taxes, how much do you pay? … Well, that depends on your racket[eering,]” are lyrics from that song.

Finally, the video ends with large groups of activists storming a city street. Many of them hold their fists high in the air, a communist-style salute to express unity, strength or resistance. Black Lives Matter and Antifa supporters have been spotted doing the same salute, especially during protests against the previous Trump administration.

The song said, “People or the power, and together they are a little bit stronger. … We are the people, we are the people—the people get stronger … [and] the love deserves the message, no one can keep you from speaking your mind.”

The BL understands the Obamas have actively advocated for these political values, suggesting that the series is simply another platform to spread their left-wing ideology.

“Michelle and I are excited to share our latest show from ‘Higher Ground: We the People,'” former President Obama said on Twitter. “Some of our favorite artists got together with amazing animators to remix civics–and the result is a lot better than what we had in school.”

Despite the politicized content, Netflix is pushing ahead with airing the 10-episode series, starting on July 4. According to Breitbart, the show promises to feature a variety of modern celebrities, including “Doc McStuffins” creator Chris Nee and “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris.

“[It will be] an exuberant call-to-action for everyone to rethink civics as a living, breathing thing and to reframe their understanding of what government and citizenship mean in a modern world,” the company said in a statement obtained by Entertainment Weekly.

Michelle Obama believes it is only natural that Netflix supports her left-wing animated series. She previously offered a multi-year deal to produce films and a series for the company back in 2018.

“Netflix’s unparalleled service is a natural fit for the kinds of stories we want to share, and we look forward to starting this exciting new partnership,” she said in a statement.

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