The New York Times (NYT) was forced to apologize for a controversial Twitter posting sharing an opinion piece defaming Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It all began when the NYT posted on Twitter an opinion piece published in the newspaper under the headline “Brett Kavanaugh fit in with the privileged kids. She did not.”

The article digs back into the accusations of alleged misconduct by the U.S. Supreme Court judge that were brought before the Senate committee that was to approve Kavanaugh’s appointment to the high court last year.

Although all of the charges against the judge were discredited, the article again attempts to cast doubt on the judge by focusing on the case of Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale student who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her while both were studying at Yale University.

The official NYT account published a tweet with very graphic language that aroused angry criticism from across the political spectrum.

“Having a penis thrust in your face at a drunken dorm party may seem like harmless fun. But when Brett Kavanaugh did it to her, Deborah Ramirez says, it confirmed that she didn’t belong at Yale in the first place,” said the tweet.

Immediately, many Twitter users wrote angry comments to the NYT.

“This is…. such a profound lapse in judgment and common sense. Sexual assault isn’t harmless fun. What the hell is going on at the NYT?,” commented one outraged woman.

“It’s not a lapse in judgment, and it wasn’t a fluke. This is who they are. The NYT repeatedly publishes racist and sexist material, especially in the opinions page,” replied another person.

“What are they thinking at the New York Times? 1) It’s a discredited allegation. 2) If it had happened, such things are ‘harmless fun’?” wrote another Internet user.

Faced with the avalanche of comments, the NYT was forced to rectify and apologize, however, what they wrote aroused even more controversy and disapproval.

“We have deleted an earlier tweet to this article that was poorly phrased,” thay said in a new publication.

Criticism was not long in coming:

“The NYT has become nothing more then the worst yellow journalism. Leftest writers and journalist have taken this one time pillar of journalism to equal the Russian reporting. No need for facts,” commented a man in that same publication.

Finally, the newspaper had to issue a third apology and rectification that, in the opinion of many, was poor and late.

“We deleted a previous tweet regarding this article. It was offensive, and we apologize,” the NYT finally wrote.

“It was more than offensive, it was deeply disturbing,” someone wrote on Twitter.

The NYT is becoming more and more criticized

Last week another controversy broke out on social networks concerning New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who specializes in the White House.

Haberman was reprimanded by her colleagues for accusing President Donald Trump of using insider information with respect to August job creation data.

What had actually happened was that a private report with employment data was published 24 hours before the oficial one and that was what President Trump referred to.

On this occasion, despite being reprimanded even by fellow NYT members, the journalist, far from apologizing, was offended by the criticisms and refused to acknowledge her mistake.

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post, another media outlet very critical of the president, was quick to apologize for a tweet he had written with criticism very similar to that of Haberman accusing the president of breaking protocol and posing “problems of possible insider trading.”

Blake tweeted: “Mea culpa: I thought Trump might have been previewing BLS jobs numbers before they came out on Friday.”

“It seems obvious that he was referring to public ADP data,” he added.

The NYT is being heavily questioned lately and not only by its readers, but also by colleagues in the profession.

Journalist Rush Limbaugh accused the NYT on its radio show in August of trying to rewrite the history of the United States to dye it with cruelty and guilt.

“What’s happening here is a private company attempting to fundamentally change the history of the most powerful nation in human history. And they’re doing it to protect and acquire power,” said Josh Manning, editor of Western Journal.

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