Business owners in New York state rose up against the isolation and lockdown measures imposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. When Health Department officials entered establishments to fine the businessmen, they kicked the officials off their property. 

Ten days ago, Cuomo announced extreme measures to prevent the spread of the CCP Virus, including a limit on the number of people allowed to gather in private homes and a ban on the opening of bars, restaurants, and fitness centers.

Evidently, society is showing some weariness of the abusive measures and various sectors are demonstrating with various forms of protest. 

On the one hand, some take the legal route, as is the case of the Jewish communities who filed a joint complaint, accusing the governor’s measures of discrimination and the state’s failure to guarantee religious freedom by preventing the faithful from attending their temples of meeting and prayer.

On the other hand, as recorded over the weekend, business owners in Buffalo, New York, made it clear that they have had enough of the arbitrary restrictions related to the CCP Virus imposed by Cuomo.

They argued that the governor’s orders are leading to the ruin of their establishments and putting the security of their employees at risk.

During the weekend, dozens of health inspectors went to various businesses in New York to verify that only authorized businesses are open, on the imposed hours and meeting all the requirements, The Daily Wire reported.

There were several tense moments when business owners refused to comply with the closure measures, when officials from the Erie County Health Department and Sheriff’s Department entered their premises.

One of the witnesses uploaded a video to his Twitter account where you can see how the merchants literally kicked the officials off their property. The message reads, “Business owners in Buffalo, NY demand ‘health inspector’ leave private property. ‘Go get a warrant.’ People have had enough of the #COVID19 tyranny curbing their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

At the beginning of the video, you can hear one of the men calmly telling government officials that, unlike them, his income does not come from the government and that in order to live he needs to have his business open.

“I have seen clients die because they have lost their livelihoods” The man pleads and continues, “I am asking you to have some compassion for the people who have lost everything.”

Then, at the official’s insistence, one hears another of the owners say, “Go get a warrant, this is private property. Do your jobs. Your job is to remove people who are not wanted here.” 

At the insistence of those present and the chants of “out” and “We won’t comply,” both the sheriff and the Health Department representative left the place.

According to The Daily Wire, the sheriff along with health care personnel approached the site after an anonymous tip reported a meeting with more people than allowed. Interestingly, the people gathered were all merchants who had met to discuss the very problems they were suffering from the extreme measures imposed by Cuomo.


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