New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sharply rebuked Democrats’ push for impeachment that would result in government gridlock, blaming “leftist” Democrats for forcing Congress to move forward an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

“I think we now go to a very long and unproductive road,” he said at an event with ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

“Speaker Pelosi was dealing with pressure … from the left. There’s a heightened leftist component to the Democratic Party,” he added.

Cuomo also said that a lengthy catalog of the legislative priorities that would be delayed until after the 2020 elections as a result of the impeachment process taking place.

“Where does it go ultimately? Nowhere,” he said. “Because even if they vote for impeachment and it goes to the Senate, it wouldn’t happen in the Senate.”

Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) blamed Pelosi for holding up important bipartisan legislation called the Debbie Smith Act  while she and House Democrats were busy removing the president from power.

“There is something called the Debbie Smith Act, and Nancy Pelosi held this up yesterday while she demanded the president release the whistleblower report, which he’s already doing,” Wagner said in a radio interview. “The Debbie Smith Act literally combats, it’s a federal program to combat the backlog of rape kits in our nation.”

Wagner urged Democrats to move on, adding that they have tried ways to formally impeach a sitting president and none of them worked.

“Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as an impeachment inquiry,” she said.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter late Saturday night, slamming Democrats for not focusing on delivering results for American people.

“It is disgraceful what the Do Nothing Democrats are doing (the Impeachment Scam), but it is also disgraceful what they are NOT doing, namely, the USMCA vote, Prescription Drug Price Reduction, Gun Safety, Infrastructure, and much more!” he tweeted.

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