Disenchanted civil servants believe it is only a matter of time before a Democrat is removed from public office.

At least one employee from the New York Governor’s Office believes Andrew Cuomo’s days are numbered. She is so confident the incumbent will be impeached she is postponing plans to quit her job.

“If I were not as sure as I am that he will be impeached, I would leave,” the worker said according to the Daily Caller. “if he does not get impeached for some reason, I will leave.”

The anonymous woman blamed Cuomo for creating a hostile environment in what could otherwise be a much more enjoyable workplace.

“Honestly, the press team here is comprised of amazing people but working for a man like that is against everything I believe in,” she said according to the publication.

BL understands not everyone at the governor’s office thinks Cuomo is innocent of alleged sexual harassment claims.

“I believe the women who have come forward,” the worker said before admitting she never personally witnessed any relevant wrongdoing.

The woman confirmed there is an unhealthy culture of anger and frustration in the governor’s office. She revealed employees always did their best to serve the state of New York despite the chaotic presidential election.

“I want people to know that what goes on at the chamber is not just just the governor,” she said. “There is a whole team of people in this limbo right now that are good people that cannot do their jobs because of what is going on, and it is immensely frustrating.”

The worker does not believe the Democrat can continue running the Empire State with unwanted attention on his professional conduct.

“At this point, the state cannot function with this spotlight on it,” she said. “It needs to clear itself up, be it with a resignation or an impeachment.”

The woman also criticized Cuomo’s attorney for publicly denouncing parts of the New York attorney general’s report, which found the governor guilty of “sexually harassed a number of state employees through unwelcome and unwanted touching, as well as … numerous offensive and sexually suggestive comments.”

Glavin PLLC Principal Rita Glavin rejected several report findings and accused the inquiry process of having a “predetermined narrative.” The employee thought it was disrespectful, embarrassing, and “gut-wrenching” to listen to Glavin “slander” Cuomo’s accusers.

“We cannot do the job while you are battling this,” she said of the Democrat. “I am not here to fight this battle for you, I do not believe in it, I want to do my job–move out of the way.”

The worker maintains several colleagues are “angry.”

“We just feel angry, disrespected,” she said. “Even those who are on the fence are just mad.”

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