First responders to civil unrest will face harsher penalties for using excessive force to neutralize danger after new rules take effect in New York state.

The New York Legislature has approved the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act, which makes it a criminal offense for the New York Police Department (NYPD) to strangle suspects who continue to pose a risk to the community after peaceful requests have failed.

Senate Bill S6670B makes it a crime to use “aggravated strangulation” if the relevant police or peace officer has already been found guilty of stopping a suspect’s breathing or blood circulation, and using a chokehold or similar restraint to cause “serious physical injury or death.”

The legislation stated NYPD “completely banned” officers from using chokeholds back in 1993, but the method continued to be used to restrain suspects while they were being taken into custody. Officers who were found guilty of using chokeholds received relatively light punishment, prompting the ruling Democratic Party to introduce “criminal sanctions” for those who continue to use the forbidden procedure.

“Between 2009 and 2013, the Civilian Complaint Review Board substantiated nine complaints by people who said they had been subjected to a chokehold,” the bill states. “Not only has this supposed ban not been enforced, there is evidence that the penalties for using a chokehold have resulted in little more than the loss of vacation time.”

Sponsoring the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act 

Democratic Sens. Brian Benjamin, Jamaal Bailey, Alessandra Biaggi, Neil Breslin, and David Carlucci cosponsored the bill, which passed through the Empire State’s Senate without opposition.

“We are taking an important step today to end excessive force by police by unanimously passing my bill, S.6670B, the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act, which prohibits the use of chokeholds by law enforcement and establishes the crime of aggravated strangulation as a class C felony,” Benjamin said on Twitter.

Extreme protests have swept across the nation since the death in custody of Minnesotan George Floyd who local police allegedly handcuffed and kneed his throat before he became unresponsive and later died on May 25.

Multiple Minneapolis city councillors responded to the mass demonstrations, arson attacks, and looting of businesses by giving in to protester demands to shut down the Minneapolis Police Department.

Ward 3 Councilor Steve Fletcher and his colleagues plan to replace the existing “murderous” police service with a more benevolent style of policing across the Saintly City.

“[We will] start fresh with a community-oriented, nonviolent public safety, and outreach capacity,” he said in an opinion article published by TIME Magazine. “Our city needs a public safety capacity that does not fear our residents; that does not need a gun at a community meeting … that does not resort quickly to pepper spray when people are understandably angry [and] that does not murder black people.”

White House on dismantling the police departments

However, the Oval Office believes the measure is excessive and regulatory overreach.

“[Enforce] law and order [and do] not defund and abolish the police,” President Donald Trump said on Twitter. “The radical left Democrats have gone crazy.”

The president warned if the Democratic Party is allowed to dismantle emergency services, the nation’s military could become the next target.

“Not only will ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden defund the police but he will defund our military,” he said on Twitter. “He has no choice, the Dems are controlled by the radical left.”

He proposed an alternative to improving law enforcement services through providing more government resources to help officers feeling overwhelmed by ‘anarchist’ protests.

“I want great and well paid law enforcement,” he said on Twitter. “I want law and order.”

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