Thousands of boats filled the Jersey Shore Saturday, to show support for the police and President Trump, the New York Post reported.

The Trump Law & Order Parade event is estimated to have attracted at least 2,000 boats that set sail from the Toms River with patriotic flags, the blue line on the American flag representing the police, and some even with bagpipes.

“Parade of boats for @realDonaldTrump in New Jersey! The biggest of all time! #MAGA #Trump2020,” posted Aric Chen.

“The Trump Boat Parade in Cape May and Wildwood NJ,” another Twitter user, Tina Nickerson.

“Followers of President Donald Trump and the police force go to Barnegat Bay,” posted Alex N. Gecan.

A beautiful time in the great America,” said spectator Bonni Hurley from her perch on the span. “There were white, black, Hispanic … all singing, smiling, laughing. It was such a great feeling.”

Organizer Chris Molla held another pro-Trump boat parade in July with about 1,200 participants. Saturday’s boat parade in Jersey could break a world record, which currently stands at 1,180 boats during a parade in Malaysia in 2014.

“The purpose was to send a message to law enforcement and the military, to show the boys in blue we’re here and we support you,” Molla said. “And the president supports them, so it goes hand in hand.”

Despite the scale of the event and the magnificent display, it received little coverage in mainstream media. 

The state of New Jersey has been run by the Democrats for almost 30 years and seeing such massive support for President Trump in New Jersey perhaps consolidates the idea that there is a ‘silent majority’, that is, ordinary Americans who do not get involved in politics, who still maintain the traditional values that President Trump has been defending and who will probably give him victory on Nov. 3.