Authorities might target motorists who expressed their desire for the president to win another four years in the Oval Office.

New Jersey State Police are searching for Trump supporters who allegedly blocked traffic along the Garden State Parkway on Nov. 1.

Although the group only intended to express their political views about re-electing President Donald Trump at the general election, New Jersey Police Superintendent Patrick Callahan was outraged by those who exercised their First Amendment right to a peaceful assembly.

“I want to be clear that situation on the parkway yesterday was incredibly irresponsible and dangerous,” Callahan said in a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus briefing video shared on Facebook. “There is plenty of ways for people to make their voices heard but when they endanger the lives of those out there traveling our highways and byways, there really is no excuse for it and it really gave us great cause for concern.”

After state troopers quickly “cleaned up that situation,” the police superintendent declared an investigation is underway and charges could be made against the Trump supporters.

“I was also on the phone today with Department of Transport Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti talking about video and other possible enforcement actions being followed up on by our detectives out of Troop D,” he said.

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy also criticized the group, calling the parkway protest “silly and dangerous.”

“I want to say for my own taste a lot more weight on the dangerous side,” he can be heard saying in the same video. “[It was] silly because I do not know what that accomplished.”

The governor ordered the Trump supporters to move their protest outside the Garden State.

“If you want to get your guy elected president, even one of those guys, go to Pennsylvania,” he said. “Go to someplace where the race is on the knife’s edge but the dangerous part—that is just not on.”

He then claimed another protest where several participants wore no face masks was safer than the pro-Trump parkway demonstration, even though the president’s supporters maintained social distancing with other drivers.

“Folks were in close proximity to one of those protests without wearing any face coverings but they did not suck in other folks who were not part of it, they did not put other people in harm’s way,” he said. “What happened yesterday [on the parkway] put other people who were not part of it in harm’s way … it certainly bothers me.”

Callahan urged all protesters to avoid penalties by contacting state police and familiarizing themselves with peaceful assembly rules beforehand.

“For those who do not know what is lawful, our phone lines are always open and anyone planning on doing anything of that nature regardless of the cause should reach out to law enforcement and understand what is lawful and what is not,” he said.

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