Nearly 700 American veterans have expressed their support of President Donald Trump in an open letter on Sept. 4, against attacks by establishment media. The veterans expressed their contempt for the baseless media claims vilifying the president.

Citing anonymous sources, The Atlantic this week published a story claiming that President Trump did not want to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery at the site of the Battle of Belleau Wood in 2018. The story also claimed that the president said the cemetery was “filled with losers” and called fallen soldiers who died at Belleau Wood “suckers.”

In the letter obtained by Breitbart News, about 674 veterans dismissed The Atlantic story’s claims, calling them “baseless media attacks” against President Trump.

“Recent baseless media attacks against President Trump from anonymous sources are just another example of the depths to which the President’s opponents are willing to descend to divide the nation and meddle in this election,” the letter read.

“Throughout his administration, President Trump has consistently stood by our men and women in uniform and cared for them once they have returned to civilian life,” the veterans added. “Moreover, he has spent countless hours as president visiting battlefields and cemeteries, honoring Gold Star families and comforting them in their grief, and praising wounded warriors and honoring their sacrifice.”

The veterans criticized the Obama-Biden administration’s record on military and veterans issues, accusing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his “friends in the media” of having “fabricated a total lie in a desperate attempt to attack their opponent.” 

“Under the Obama-Biden Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs was a disaster and our military was decimated. Today, Joe Biden is running on a radical left-wing agenda that would further weaken America’s security and standing in the world,” the veterans wrote.

Veterans for President Trump

“President Trump’s tireless efforts to strengthen and support the military community are a part of his indisputable record. He has done more for our nation’s service members and veterans than any previous administration. The veteran community firmly rejects these lies from the mainstream media, and we stand by our Commander-in-Chief, now, and on Election Day,” the letter stated.

President Trump strongly denied the accusation, calling it a “disgrace.”

President Trump has made ending foreign wars and bringing American troops home a cornerstone of his campaign promise. Over the past six months, the United States has reduced the number of its troops in Afghanistan to about 8,600. The president has said he will draw down U.S. troops in Afghanistan by roughly half before the November election, according to Axios.

President Trump on Friday, Sept. 4, objected to the Pentagon’s decision to defund Stars and Stripes, a publication for military members.

“The United States of America will NOT be cutting funding to @starsandstripes magazine under my watch,” he stated in his tweet Friday afternoon. “It will continue to be a wonderful source of information to our Great Military!”