A coalition of more than 90 Montana lawmakers signed a letter to President Joe Biden stating why he should reconsider the decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project and how it proved to be a catastrophic choice for the state and its citizens and should be reversed.

The letter signed by the state legislators stresses that the pipeline is not the same project reviewed by President Barack Obama in 2008, and points out that TC Energy, the company behind the project, had since promised major changes, such as making it a zero-emissions and very safe project.

The lawmakers also pointed out that energy production is the “lifeblood of Montana’s economy” and that the pipeline would have brought in “hundreds of good-paying jobs to rural Montana and help workers put food on their table for their young families.”

They also cite the advantages the project would bring for state and federal funds, considering that they estimate about $80 million a year in direct tax revenue from the pipeline.

“As Montana’s elected leaders, we must oppose the canceling of the Keystone XL project and stand with Montana’s energy producers, working people, and rural communities,” the letter states.

Montana has an abundance of rural areas that for decades have seen their economy and productivity decline. With the project, all of these communities were re-energized and their economies revived with high hopes for the future. But with a single signature, President Joe Biden shattered all those dreams and projects.

“The shutdown of the pipeline ultimately hurts those most vulnerable,” the letter reads. “The pipeline was doing more than just creating jobs and revenue for Montana, it was bringing life back into these small towns that had otherwise been forgotten.”

Along with the 90 lawmakers, in mid-February, 14 Republican attorneys general sought to pressure President Joe Biden to reconsider his decision to cancel the permit for construction of Keystone, citing serious economic harm and threatening legal action.

“We write with alarm about your unilateral and hasty decision to revoke the 2019 Presidential Permit” for the pipeline, officials wrote in a Feb. 9 letter initiated by Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen.

Calling cancellation of the pipeline a decision “to impose crippling economic injuries on states, communities, families, and workers across the country,” the attorneys general urged Biden to reconsider, while warning that they are “reviewing available legal options.”

Joe Biden, on his first day as president, as part of the measures implemented in defense of the controversial Paris Climate Agreement, canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which, during the Trump administration, had agreed to hire thousands of jobs. 

Democrats, motivated by their radical left wing, intend to treat alleged “climate change” as a national security threat by seeking to make the Pentagon available to combat it. 

Progressive lawmakers have already announced, even on the record, their desire to reduce budgeted National Defense spending by 2021. And on different occasions they have demonstrated their interest in reducing this Defense spending in order to reallocate those funds to the fight against “climate change.” 

These initiatives could be jeopardizing the historic U.S. military apparatus and its defense strategies in the face of real security threats.