America should tear down the national economy and political systems because they are harming society, according to a radical Democrat from Minnesota.

Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.) has strangely urged the nation to rise against businesses and their elected representatives to free themselves from slavery.

“As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality,” she said in a video live-streamed on Facebook. “We cannot stop at the criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

Omar also raised eyebrows when she encouraged Americans to rebel against other parts of society that enslave people, even the natural environment.

“We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system,” she said. “We are fighting to tear down the systems of oppression that exist in housing, education, health care, employment, and in the air we breathe.”

She made the remarks in response to growing civil unrest about the death-in-custody of Minnesotan George Floyd on May 25. Several parts of the nation have witnessed extreme “anarchist” rioting, looting of businesses, and destruction of historical and religious statues.

Omar appeared to support the extreme measures and invited protesters to a press conference to state their demands.

“The murder of George Floyd reawakened calls to address racism in policing and reform our criminal justice system,” she said on Twitter. “I am live with leaders of the Minnesota People of Color and Indigenous Caucus to discuss our work to make systemic changes.”

It’s not the first time the congresswoman has been caught making strange statements. She once proposed that the Trump administration take over control of private hospitals to fight the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

“Here is maybe a radical idea to deal with some of the pressures our health care system is facing,” she said on Twitter. “All private hospitals should be made public for the duration of the virus.”

She separately revealed she felt deep pleasure and satisfaction when others called her a “radical” for her left-leaning policies that favor greater Medicaid regulation, veteran’s health care, universities, and property taxes.

“If believing that health care, housing, and education are basic rights is radical, then I am proud to be a radical,” she said in a Twitter post that was removed according to Fox News.

She also controversially introduced a resolution in the House that appeared to encourage boycotting Israel, compared the country to Nazi Germany, and spread anti-Semitic analogies on social media.

These actions prompted advocacy group Stop Antisemitism to declare her winner of the 2019 Anti-Semite of the year award.

According to the Jewish News Syndicate, the competition exposes key people who appear to threaten American values, morals, and principles through spreading “hate and bigotry against the Jewish people.”

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