Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), got upset during an interview with Margaret Brennan, the host  of “Face the Nation,” when she dared to mention the Republican criticism of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

During the interview broadcast on CBS on Sunday, Pelosi claimed that the Ukraine Case for which they are basing the impeachment is “much worse” than Watergate, to which Brennan said, “Well, Republicans argue that point.”

Pelosi immediately interrupted her, “I really have a real discomfort level of responding to what Republicans say because they are in denial about what has happened in the country.”

Then Pelosi added, “I find it a waste of my time and yours to just be talking about what Republicans say.”

Brennan justified herself by saying, “I want to let you respond though to the argument that they made in messaging by Republicans here. That the grounds for impeachment…”

Pelosi again complained about the question and said, I don’t want to respond. Let what they said stand. Let their argument stand because there’s so much quicksand that I don’t even want to have it given any more visibility by my dignifying any of their misrepresentations of what they say.”

Then Pelosi tried to appease the situation by saying that she has great respect for Brennan’s work as a journalist. Brennan then simply moved on to another point and put aside the question that made Pelosi uncomfortable.

It is very evident that when President Trump criticizes the press journalists they cling to that, however when Pelosi does it, the same liberal media give in and move on to another less ‘uncomfortable’ subject for her.

President Trump and Pelosi have been waging a “war of words” that has recently intensified with the start of the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry over the call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president in July, which Democrats believe resulted in a personal gain for the president when he allegedly asked for an investigation of Hunter Biden, the son of his political rival Joe Biden.

However, the conversation shows that President Trump did not pressure or threaten any kind of economic retribution to Ukraine if it did not investigate the son of Joe Biden, who was involved in a case of corruption of the main gas company in the European country.

Although Pelosi complains about President Trump’s comments on his Twitter account @realdonaldtrump, she herself called him an “impostor” during the interview.

“He should not frivolously throw out insults, but that’s what he does. I think part of it is his own insecurity as an impostor,” Pelosi said of President Trump.

President Trump’s response was not long in coming. On Monday morning he wrote: “Our crazy, Do Nothing … Speaker of the House, Nervous Nancy Pelosi” and he referred to the CBS news program as “DEFACE THE NATION.”

The president also responded to Pelosi’s invitation to testify in the impeachment inquiry by saying that he likes the idea and will “strongly consider it.”

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