As cases of fraud in the election process become clearer, it is uncertain whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will be re-elected, and renowned author and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich sees the future of the Democratic Party as even more serious.

For Gingrich, the fact that the Democratic leaders insist on imposing policies of the radical left distances them from the majority of Americans, and thus would collapse the entire party, according to the alternative media Planet Free Will on Nov. 11.

“I think Nancy Pelosi is trying to ride two different tigers—a left tiger that wants to do a whole series of things the average American think are crazy and a small but very frightened moderate tiger that knows if it goes into 2022 and the Biden administration is radical and Pelosi is radical, they’re probably all going to get wiped out,” Gingrich said. 

Gingrich cited the case in which Biden appointed oncologist Ezekiel Emanuel as an adviser to deal with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic, who put forward radical ideas on the sensitive issue.

Emanuel proposes not to provide special care to citizens over 75 years old, considering that they have already lived enough, according to a 2014 publication. 

He also proposes to develop the vaccine and distribute it to the rest of the world instead of giving priority to Americans.

“You have Ezekiel Emanuel who is a senior adviser to Biden who says we ought to give away our vaccine to the rest of the world before we give it to Americans …,” Gingrich said.

And he added, “He also says that people over 75 shouldn’t get unusual medical care because they’ve already lived a full life.”

He asked, “Now how can you have that guy on the COVID [CCP Virus] task force when the primary people dying are over 75?”

For now, not only is it uncertain whether Pelosi will be re-elected as speaker of the House, but whether Biden will make it to the White House. 

It seems that the cases of fraud discovered so far, in addition to returning the votes to the president, give indications of even more serious facts, such as a strong intervention by the CCP to alter the results in favor of Biden.

Based on projections made by the media in the first days after the elections, Biden was named “president-elect,” and according to this he began to organize a supposed transition team.

In this team, in addition to appointing about a dozen officials linked to international speculator George Soros, he included Emanuel, whom Gingrich mentions.

House  Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) mentioned the internal fights that the Democratic representatives are engaged in after the losses in the voting, and the strong leftist tendency of the party.

He said, “They’re yelling at each other whether they should be called socialists or not. They are not the same party as in 2018.”

He also alluded to the problems House Democrats have with each other and with Pelosi.

“She’s got internal fights because she promised them that she would win enough seats that they would keep the majority this time and next time,” he said, which is not the case.

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