Tens of thousands of President Trump’s supporters met spontaneously in Washington on Saturday, Nov. 14, to denounce the obvious electoral fraud through which they intend to declare Democratic candidate Joe Biden president. Leftist groups organized a counterdemonstration with the sole objective of attacking the pro-Trump demonstrators. After some confrontations, more than 20 people were arrested and one person stabbed. 

Pro-Trump supporters gathered peacefully in downtown Washington. The president himself came to greet them.

Most participants displayed Trump flags, U.S. flags, and signs that read “Stop the Fraud,” “Trump: The Greatest President of All Time,” and “4 More Years!” The crowd chanted and shouted excitedly “Four more years!” as Trump and his detail passed by the demonstrators. 

Unfortunately, not everything was happiness and hope in the march. At the end of the rally, when the demonstrators had ended the rally and divided into small groups in a peaceful retreat, several leftist groups identified with antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) badges appeared and began to attack the pro-Trump demonstrators demanding that they throw away their flags and posters.

One of the many attacks, which was filmed by several witnesses and reporters, Trump supporters were bombarded with fireworks while dining at a Washington restaurant. According to Fox News, police arrested a suspect in connection with the fireworks, being one of 20 arrested on the day as reported by police sources.

Images of the gatherings show a small group of Trump supporters sitting outside a restaurant near the White House as a large crowd surrounds the courtyard and exchanges words with three diners, according to a video posted on Twitter by NBC reporter Shomari Stone.

Other diners, faced with the situation of the violence witnessed, begin to withdraw from the place, when counterdemonstrators can be seen throwing debris, and then fireworks at the patio, lighting it with sparks and forcing the last President Trump supporters to leave.

In other parts of the city, anti-Trump protesters also threw liquid and blunt objects when the pro-Trump demonstration broke up. Some participants also had their flags, posters, and hats snatched away, Insider said in a report

President Trump condemned the actions committed by the leftist groups in a posting on his Twitter account saying, “Antifa waited until tonight, when 99% were gone, to attack innocent #MAGA People. DC Police, get going—do your job and don’t hold back!!!”

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