President Trump’s former director of data and strategy during his 2016 campaign, launched the Voter Integrity Project on Nov. 8, and confirmed in a recent interview that so far more than 1 million votes have been sent by people who do not reside in the district they voted in.

Matt Braynard explained in his video about the Voter Integrity Project, what is the approach of his team of experts who started working with the Republican Party in 1996 in the political analysis department, and has decades of experience in the analysis of electoral data.

Braynard said, “I’ve seen a lot of charts and graphs and maps showing anomalies and I’ve heard a lot of rumors. I don’t believe any of those are actually actionable, actionable meaning two things: something that could lead to a legal remedy or something that could lead to reforms in the way elections are carried in states all over the country.”

While Braynard said that many of these theories could lead to specific solutions, what generates results are affidavits and death certificates—people who are sworn to declare irregularities and people who voted but can be proven dead.

With this goal in mind, his team focused on three large groups of voters: dead people who voted, people who changed addresses but still voted in their former districts, and inactive voters.

The methodology the project uses, and which Braynard said is very expensive, is to call every voter who changed addresses, using the National Change of Address database, to verify whether they received the ballots by mail and whether they finally returned it, so that the results of their research are very accurate. The same goes for ballots from people who died.

The third focus is inactive voters, people who registered on the voter rolls once, but never voted or only voted once. Those interested in manipulating elections are sure to look for these types of people because in many states the voter rolls are not updated and there are hundreds of thousands of potential votes that if no one investigates, can pass for legitimate.

In a Nov. 10 interview, Braynard explained that they plan to call some 2 million voters who have the irregularities initially described.

According to an Epoch Times report, they found problems with the residency of 17,877 voters in Georgia, 7,426 in Pennsylvania, 6,254 in Wisconsin, 5,145 in Nevada, and 5,084 in Arizona.

However, these results are initial and only from the group of people who changed their residence. His team continues with calls in these six states where President Trump is challenging the results under the other two categories mentioned.

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