Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), on Thursday, July 25, blocked votes on two bills arguing Democrats are trying to give themselves a “political benefit.”

McConnell rejected Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s request for consent to pass a House bill that requires the use of paper ballots and includes funding for the Election Assistance Commission, calling it “partisan legislation.”

McConnell said, “Clearly this request is not a serious effort to make a law. Clearly something so partisan that it only received one single solitary Republican vote in the House is not going to travel through the Senate by unanimous consent,” according to The Hill.

Under the rules of the Senate, any senator can seek permission to pass a bill, but another senator may object.

McConnell added that any election security legislation must be bipartisan. He said it’s being pushed by the same Democrats who pushed the “conspiracy theory” that President Donald Trump colluded with Russian agents, according to UPI.

Besides, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) requested permission to pass a second election-security bill forcing candidates, campaign officials, and members of their families to inform the FBI of assistance offers from foreign government.

However, McConnell also shot down that bill.

McConnell claimed that elections should be controlled by states, not federal authorities, and said Congress has already resolved the concerns about election-security arising from the 2016 election.

“It’s very important that we maintain the integrity and security of our elections in our country,” the GOP leader said, but he added, “any Washington involvement in that task needs to be undertaken with extreme care, extreme care and on a thoroughly bipartisan basis. Obviously this legislation is not that. It’s just a highly partisan bill from the same folks who spent two years hyping up a conspiracy theory about President Trump and Russia,” reported by ABC News.

The bill requests come one day after the congressional testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller on Russian election interference, during which he alerted that future election interference from foreign governments is inevitable.

Schumer said Mueller’s testimony on Thursday is an example that more legislation is needed from Congress. 

“Mueller’s testimony was a clarion call for election security. Mueller’s testimony should be a wake-up call to every American, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, that the integrity of our elections is at stake,” Schumer claimed.

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