A Republican from Missouri wants to let Americans sue those who kill unborn babies in border states.

State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman proposed new legislation that lets individuals sue Missourians for having out of state abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Coleman revealed thousands of residents have avoided a statewide ban by going to Illinois where pregnancy terminations are still allowed. Pro-choice organization Planned Parenthood seized on this opportunity by opening an abortion clinic on the Illinois-Missouri border back in 2019.

Changes the lawmaker proposed could help close this loophole.

“If your neighboring state does not have pro-life protections, it minimizes the ability to protect the unborn in your state,” she said according to the Kansas City Star.

However, pro-choice advocates claim legislatures cannot regulate what residents do beyond the state’s jurisdiction.

“A state’s power is over its own citizens and its own geographical boundaries. These are limits imposed by the federal constitution and federal law,” Thompson Coburn partner Elizabeth Myers said according to the Washington Post.

The Republican made no apologies for protecting human life and said the act is completely constitutional.

“That is what they said about the Texas law, and every bill passed to protect the unborn for the last 49 years,” she said according to the paper.

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