A personal injury lawyer who defended his home wants to stand for election as Missouri’s next U.S. senator.

Mark McCloskey has confirmed he will consider being a Republican candidate for the 2022 U.S. Senate election in Missouri.

“I can confirm that it is a consideration, yes,” he said according to Politico.

Although the McCloskey Law Center founder gave no timeframe for exactly when he would officially announce his candidacy, his strategy is widely expected to involve replacing outgoing Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), who recently decided to retire after working several decades in politics.

“After 14 general election victories, three to county offices, seven to the U.S. House of Representatives, and four statewide elections, I will not be a candidate for the election of the U.S. Senate next year,” the incumbent senator said in a video shared on YouTube.

Blunt hinted that he wanted to leave on a positive note.

“Another lesson I learnt here is finish strong, and I intend to,” he can be heard saying. “There is still a lot to do, and I look forward to every day this year and next year as I continue to work for you in the Senate.”

McCloskey is internationally recognized for defending his home from anarchist protesters who gathered outside his St. Louis property and allegedly tore down the front gate back in 2020.

A quick Google search produced several photos of the attorney holding a rifle and media reports say that he shouted to protesters that they are trespassing on private property and should leave the premises immediately.

The standoff has arguably benefited the Republican’s pre-election campaign hopes, with him already “getting a lot of response” from voters across the Show-Me State.

McCloskey is likely to appeal to many Trump voters because he speaks positively about the previous Trump administration and supports former President Trump’s free-market and pro-Second Amendment policies.

“Trump’s vision for America is a country where you have the opportunity to work hard and build the life you dream of, with a job you love, with your children being educated in great schools in a community where your family can play in your backyard without fear, worship in a church without shame, and express your beliefs without retribution,” he said in a video shared earlier on YouTube.

The candidate could also champion greater public safety and tougher penalties for extreme anarchist protesters who rioted, looted, and vandalized businesses, historical monuments, and places of worship.

“These radicals are not content with marching on the streets. They want to walk the halls of Congress,” he said. “They want to take over. They want power—this is Joe Biden’s party. These are the people who will [try to] be in charge of your future and the future of your children.”

He is also speculated to push for more federal funding of law enforcement services and introducing legislation to prevent more rioters from being released on bail.

“Whether it is the defunding of police, ending cash bail so criminals can be released back out onto the streets the same day to riot again, they were encouraging anarchy and chaos on our streets,” he said. “It seems as if the Democrats no longer view the government’s job as protecting honest citizens from criminals but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens … [and] they have actually charged us with felonies for daring to defend our home.”

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