Minneapolis City Council on Thursday, Dec. 10, approved a cut of nearly $8 million in funds allocated to the city’s police department. The measure was taken by giving in to the demands of a violent minority of the far left led by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the antifa group, amid a historic rise in the city’s homicide and violent crime rates. 

The budget for fiscal year 2021, approved Thursday, has a cut of $7.7 million in funds destined for policing, which will be reassigned to community services, as demanded by the violent leftist riots that have been in the streets for months since the death of George Floyd, The Washington Post reported.

The decision did not take long to arouse controversy, considering that the city is going through historic rates of violence, homicide, robbery, and general insecurity. The number of shootings registered in the city this year doubled those registered during 2019.

Leftist activists, mostly belonging to groups like the BLM and antifa, supported by legislators like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), whose congressional district includes Minneapolis, have fought throughout the year for the defunding of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Minneapolis Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey had initially spoken out against police defunding. He was even booed by protesters in June after publicly refusing to defund the city’s police department in front of a large number of leftist protesters. 

Finally, Frey, having been able to veto the project that proposed the defunding of almost $8 million, decided to accept it and even announced that despite the budget cut, residents have reason to be “optimistic” for the future of their city. 

It is not certain what happened in the middle to change his mind, surely like so many other Democrats he was carried away by the violent and illogical claims of the left.

The facts show that there were 30 more homicides this year in Minneapolis compared to 2019, according to data from the police department. Violent assaults in the city increased by 18% and aggravated crimes overall rose by 20%. Despite these concrete numbers, Democrats kneeling in the face of leftist claims found it “timely” to cut the police budget. 

Thus Minneapolis joins New York City, Portland, Seattle, and a handful of other U.S. cities. They have approved massive budget cuts to the police department, seeking to satisfy the demands of small but vocal and violent sectors of the left.

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