Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t believe it is a “foregone conclusion” that House Democrats will be able to secure enough votes to pass articles of impeachment, he told Jeanine Pirro on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Vice President Mike Pence interviewed by Jeanine Pirro in the White House. (Screenshot Fox News)

Pence was responding to questions from Pirro about his thoughts on impeachment, after the 300-page House Intelligence Committee report listed the Vice President among other senior officials as “either knowledgeable of or active participants in an effort to extract from a foreign nation the personal political benefits sought by the president.” Pence was also accused in the report of blocking the release of a section of a transcript of his Sept. 18 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

“Witnesses that actually testified before the Democratic committee actually testified that the subject of investigations never came up either before, during, or after my meeting with President Zelenskiy in Poland,” Pence told Pirro. “What did we talk about was what President Trump asked me to ask about.”

“When he asked me to go to Poland to represent him, he’d already scheduled a meeting with President Zelenskiy. And, the president sat me down and said, ‘Look, we are reviewing this aid, but I wanna know what he’s doing about corruption.’ President Zelenskiy was literally elected in a landslide and the parliamentary election for his party was a landslide on an anti-corruption agenda,” Pence explained. “And, the president said to me: ‘Find out what he’s doing on that —in a sense, you know—check him out, see what you make of him on that.”

Pirro, interviewing Pence in her first interview in the White House, asked him, “Will the president be impeached?”

“I don’t yet know what’s going to happen in the House. I know that Speaker Pelosi has announced articles of impeachment, but I have to tell you—I served in the Congress for 12 years, and I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion, that the Democrats will be able to get the votes to pass articles of impeachment,” said Pence.

He continued, “I hear from people all over the country—the support for this president, the progress that we’ve made rebuilding our military reviving this economy. Yesterday we announced seven million jobs created, 180 conservative judges on our federal courts. And, when people look at the facts, in this case, they can read the transcript and see the president did nothing wrong.”

“I know the American people are going to let their voice[s] be heard in the next two weeks, and when the voice of the American people strikes Capitol Hill, anything’s possible,” he told Pirro.

“And, I never imagined I’d be able to be governor of my home state— and to be able to be here in the White House to be serving as vice president and to be asked to run again with this president to continue to advance the agenda that we’ve been able to advance for this country is a great honor,” said Pence.