Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox on Friday, Dec. 4, raised concerns about election fraud after Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson issued an order to delete election data, despite multiple calls for an audit of the November election. 

Benson’s office issued a memo to Michigan counties earlier this week, demanding county clerks delete Electronic Poll Book software and files contained on laptops and USB drives using during the election.

“[Electronic Poll Book] software and associated files must be deleted from all devices by the seventh calendar day following the final canvass and certification of the election (Nov. 30, 2020) unless a petition for recount has been filed and the recount has not been completed, a post-election audit is planned but has not yet been completed, or the deletion of the data has been stayed by an order of the court or the Secretary of State,” the memo read.

“Secretary Benson’s move to request the deletion of election data amidst bipartisan calls for an audit is just another example of her putting partisan politics over what’s best for Michigan,” Cox said in a statement.

“With election irregularities rampant across the state,” she added, “it is vital that we have this audit before any election data is deleted. Secretary Benson’s move to delete this data before an audit raises a serious question, what are the Democrats hiding?”

State Republican senators have called on Benson to investigate fraud claims in the November election, citing a ballot counting error in Antrim County, in which 6,000 votes switched from President Donald Trump to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

Antrim County is one of 47 counties in Michigan that used Dominion Voting Systems at the center of allegations of severe widespread election fraud. 

In November, Benson said her office was on track to perform a statewide audit of the election after two Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers signed affidavits seeking to rescind their Nov. 17 votes to certify election results. They claimed they were intimidated into backtracking on their initial opposition to certification.

However, Benson said the audits “are neither designed to address nor performed in response to false or mythical allegations of ‘irregularities’ that have no basis in fact.'”

On Nov. 23, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers voted to certify the results despite the Republican’s call to delay due to Detroit and elsewhere’s election issues.

This week, witnesses, including an election worker in Detroit and GOP poll challengers, testified before the state’s House Oversight Committee into complaints of voter fraud throughout the state on Election Day and afterward.

In related news, President Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani announced on Friday night that an Antrim County judge ordered a forensic examination of all Dominion voting machines used in the county. 

“BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS,” Giuliani wrote in a tweet. “Antrim County Judge in Michigan orders forensic examination of 22 Dominion voting machines. This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6000 votes from Trump to Biden.”

“Spiking of votes by Dominion happened all over the state,” he added.

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