After a judge initially ruled that ballots received even 14 days after the election could be counted, the Michigan appeals court yesterday confirmed that ruling is now blocked and only ballots arriving up to Nov. 3 will be counted.

Several states, including Michigan’s neighbor Minnesota, approved the possibility of counting ballots that arrive even 14 days after the election as long as the mailing date is before Nov. 2. 

Initially, Michigan Claims Court Judge Cynthia Stephens had ruled, according to Fox News, that ballots with stamps up to Nov. 2 can still be counted, even if they are received two weeks after that date, citing possible mail delivery problems due to the CCP Virus pandemic.

The appeals court, however, said that the pandemic and any mailroom delivery problems “are not attributable to the state,” so the measure is void and only those ballots that reach their destination by Nov. 3 will be counted, as originally stipulated.

The pandemic caused by the virus, coupled with Democrats’ propaganda encouraging citizens to vote by mail, has led to a record number of absentee ballot requests across the country. Some states even sent absentee ballots to all registered voters.

According to the U.S. Elections Project, three weeks before the election nearly 1.4 million Michigan citizens cast their ballots by mail. This number represents 28.7% of the total voters in Michigan in the 2016 election.

Concerns about the huge number of ballots that will be received by mail in the upcoming election are alarming. The Trump administration in particular has been denouncing the danger of the situation for months, warning that this large-scale approach will waste resources and pave the way for malicious people to commit voter fraud. 

The Republicans, received the decision with enthusiasm. “Happy to see this unanimous ruling to defend the integrity of our electoral process and reject judicial overreaching,” tweeted Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey.

In contrast, the Michigan Democratic Party was clearly disappointed. “Voters should not be punished for delays in the U.S. Postal Service or unexpected emergencies that could make it a challenge to get to the polls on Election Day,” the party said, according to Fox News.

The Fair Elections Project has been warning of the danger that the postal system in many states is not prepared to receive and properly count a large number of ballots. And in addition to the collapse already announced, there are changes in procedures that states intend to implement without enough time to develop a viable system. 

Among the changes mentioned is the request to extend the date of receipt of ballots. This could result in a late count, which is difficult to regulate and control. 

“Uncertainty and last-minute rule changes amplify the risk of post-election delays and litigation that could drag on for weeks, calling into question the outcome of the election and possibly forcing states to miss the deadline for participation in the Electoral College, disenfranchising millions,” the association said.

Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead told Fox News that regardless of the intent or cause of the problems, the optimal way to ensure transparency in elections is for voters to go in person to cast their ballots. Leaving the possibility of voting by mail only and exclusively for those who really can’t go to public places for health reasons. Otherwise, “the tension in the system will be tremendous,” Snead warned.

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