MELANIA Trump, First Lady of the United States, has attacked the “oppression” of socialism in a rare appearance in Miami during a Donald Trump rally on Presidents Day.

Taking to the stage to introduce her husband, Mrs Trump decried communism while telling Venezuelan-Americans that she understands what it is like to live without freedom.

According to the Washington Examiner, Mrs Trump said: “Many of you in the room know what it feels like to be blessed with freedom after living under the oppression of socialism and communism.”

She added: “Today we must let the Venezuelan people hear us all with one united voice. There’s hope. We are free and we pray together loudly and proudly that soon the people of Venezuela will be free as well. My husband is here today because he cares deeply about the current suffering in Venezuela.”

Mrs Trump was born in 1970 in Slovenia, where she faced the difficulties of war and oppression. At the start of the 90s, Socialist Republic of Slovenia dropped the ‘socialist’ aspect of its name.

The country became independent in 1991.

Meanwhile, US Senator Marco Rubio warned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of ‘severe consequences’ if he harmed opposition leader, Juan Guaido.

Maduro has the backing of Russia and China and won a second term in charge last year. Maduro is currently refusing to allow in the food, medicine and other supplies.

Venezuelans are demanding Maduro stands down after years of hyperinflation have left the once rich Latin America impoverished.

Millions of people have already fled the border to seek a better life as a food and medicine shortage cause a major crisis.

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