Prominent sexual assault survivors have denounced a Californian Democrat who asked an accused sex offender for tips on promoting a female’s self-worth.

Me Too movement supporters Leslie Millwee and Juanita Broaddrick strongly criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for co-hosting the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting with former President Bill Clinton.

The women were disgusted to learn that Harris would even entertain the idea of discussing women empowerment with the same man they claim sexually assaulted and raped them many years ago.

“Oh my God, here we go again [and] when are people going to understand what this man is?” Broaddrick told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The alleged rape survivor is concerned too many Democratic Party supporters are willing to turn a blind eye to violence against women out of partisan considerations.

“I think they understand,” she said. “It is just against their political affiliation.”

The three-day virtual event, which began on March 23, promises to attract 600 student leaders from around the world who want to “take action on pressing challenges in their communities.”

The agenda includes empowering women and girls, expanding female participation in democracy, and leading with empathy and kindness. Other topics include combating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus and various theories about climate change, social justice, systemic racism, and civic engagement.

Broaddrick revealed she felt deeply distressed each time she saw the Democratic Party invite President Clinton to appear publicly.

“It is like somebody just slapping you in the face and saying, ‘You do not matter,'” she said.

She is also upset about the Clinton family’s refusal to acknowledge any allegations other than the former president’s 1995 affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“They have never acknowledged that we exist,” she said.

Millwee is outraged about the hypocrisy of her accused assailant being applauded for talking about empowering women.

“He is going to get up on a stage and tell us about how to be empowered? I truly cannot think of anything more brazen [and] this goes to show you the political power that the Clintons still have,” she said.

“It is just such an upset upside-down world when you have a rapist and a sexual assaulter, who is giving tips and information to try and help empower women—I cannot think of anything more ludicrous than that,” she added.

Harris was recently caught hysterically laughing about the escalating U.S.–Mexico border crisis.

Fox News caught up with Harris outside of Air Force One and, during the media interview, the vice president made it clear that she had no immediate plan to visit the southern border.

“Uh, um, not today,” she said in a video shared on Twitter.

The Democrat then laughed loudly for several seconds, suggesting the thousands of illegal aliens did not rank highly on her agenda.

“I have [visited the border] before, and I am sure I will again,” she said.

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