Democrats exploded over the interview of President Donald Trump with ABC News. President Trump said if a foreign power were offering dirt on his 2020 opponent, he’d be open to accepting it and would have no obligation to call in the FBI.

Speaking to ABC News, Trump said, “I think I’d want to hear it.” He added, “There’s nothing wrong with listening,” according to The Associated Press.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said President Trump’s comments that he’s open to accepting information from a foreign power against a political opponent “define deviancy down to a new low.”

The New York Democrat said Trump’s comments to ABC News were disgraceful and “it’s as if the president has learned absolutely nothing from the past two years of investigations.”

In the meantime, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump doesn’t know right from wrong and is “indifferent to law and any sense of ethics about who we are as a country.”

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) responded to Democrats on Thursday as he pointed out that it was Hillary Clinton who actually paid a foreigner in the 2016 election for dirt.

McCarthy said Hillary Clinton paid a foreigner, former British spy Christopher Steele, millions of dollars for a phony dossier, which was used to smear Donald Trump and obtain spy warrants on his adviser Carter Page during the 2016 election.

“What I am appalled about is what has happened in our election. I watched in the last campaign the Democrat presidential campaign spends $6 million to a foreign entity to travel the world to try to find something when they could not find it, they made false accusations, salacious accusations at that,” McCarthy said. “Drove this country into a special counsel lasting more than 22 months. Using this false information, sending it to the FBI that went and got a FISA court. Then to spy upon Americans and took us through something we should never have to live again.”

“I did not hear the speaker be appalled at that. Or to have a chair of the House Intel Committee [Schiff] think that he’s knowingly speaking on a phone to a foreign entity, to supply some other false allegations. And what action did he take? Those are the things I’m appalled about that actually did happen,” he said.