A letter from the French military calling to defend the homeland and warning about an imminent coup d’état against the globalist government of Emmanuel Macron was immediately condemned by the progressive forces and by the authorities, who described it as seditious and irrelevant.

But, apparently, the French people think very differently from their rulers, and polls show the vital support they are giving to the military and are even encouraging them to stage a coup d’état.

Is this the beginning of the end of globalism in France and Europe?

On April 21, a manifesto signed by a thousand French military, including twenty generals, appeared, asking Macron to react to the “disintegration of France” or step aside.

The letter, in the tone of an ultimatum, was published in the conservative publication Valeurs Actuelles.

As expected, most of the political class and the government came out to repudiate the communiqué, which even warns of an imminent military coup if Macron does not change.

In fact, the Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, demanded that the military signatories be sanctioned.

However, pollsters went out to measure the reaction of the French people to the military charter.

And the numbers show that there is massive support for military action.

A survey commissioned by LCI TV to Harris Interactive revealed, first of all, that not all French people have heard of the letter. Only 64% of the population is aware of it.

But here comes the interesting part. Of those who heard about the letter, the absolute majority agree with its content.

According to the survey, 58% of French respondents, i.e., almost 6 out of 10, agree with the alarm expressed in the open letter.

And get this: practically one out of two—49%—goes even further and believes that the army should intervene to ensure order even without being asked to do so by the government.

In other words, they are in favor of a military coup d’état.

This massive support for military intervention is a consequence of the French people’s suffering due to the application of globalist policies for years.

According to Harris Interactive, an overwhelming 84% of French people think that violence is on the rise, and a vast majority—73% are convinced that the country is falling apart.

Although the political establishment has come out to condemn the letter, there are authorities, with names and surnames, who have given their support, such as the councilwoman of the Seventh District of Paris, Rachida Dati.

Councilwoman Dati, who was Minister of Justice under Nicolas Sarkozy, was raised in a family of devout Muslims.

Speaking to the France Info radio network, Dati said that “what is described in the letter is a reality.”

“When you have a country plagued by urban guerrilla actions, where you live under a constant terrorist threat, when you have increasingly flagrant inequalities … we cannot say that the country is doing well.”

The controversy around the letter, or rather around the ‘uncomfortable truths’ that this letter has made explicit promises to heat up the French political atmosphere ahead of the 2022 presidential election.

In the meantime, Marine Le Pen, the president of the former National Front, renamed National Rally, responded to the military’s letter by inviting its signatories to unite in a common front to do battle against globalism.

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