Using another of the dirty strategies to try to achieve its objectives, the well-known leftist group, Shutdown DC, is promoting a cyber collective action through which it seeks to have thousands of people harass a law firm from the Trump campaign concentrated on electoral trials via email and telephone, seeking to have them quit the jobs for which they have been hired. 

According to The Federalist, the group Shutdown DC notified its followers of the action they are promoting through an email. The objective of the action is for falsehoods about the law firm to go viral by seeking to generate a kind of “public pressure” that would lead them to resign from their jobs.

In the email, there are instructions for participants to follow, “Here’s what you should do: call and email the King & Spalding attorney below and tell them how you feel about what your firm is doing.” Several phone call scripts and various templates for use in email harassment are then detailed.

“We have divided up the list of attorneys working at the firm so that together we can contact a large number of people, and this is your assigned person,” The email continues.

The scripts allege, without any foundation, that the claims highlighted by the campaign are “without merit,” “outrageous,” and a “disgrace.” It also claims that any lawyer involved in the lawsuits is participating in an alleged attempt to undermine democracy and trying to silence the voices of black voters. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The email assumes that “public pressure works,” after claiming that another law firm associated with legal struggles in key states, Porter Wright, “announced that it was withdrawing from the post-election lawsuit they had filed for Trump in Pennsylvania.”

Using the same intimidation technique, NeverTrump, the Democratic PAC better known as The Lincoln Project, asked its followers through its official Twitter account to annoy two lawyers who are currently helping represent the Trump campaign in election lawsuits by posting their photos and contact information in a “make them famous” tweet.

“Defend your democracy: 1. Created a LinkedIn account 2. Message someone who works at @JonesDay or @PorterWright 3. Ask them how they can work for an organization trying to overturn the will of the American people.”

This dirty way of doing politics, always on the edge of illegality, is the typical format of the radical left, which only aims to achieve its objectives regardless of what happens during the processes, leaving aside in its actions all kinds of values, ethics, and legalities. 

Shut Down DC, along with Black Lives Matter, and other left organizations, are also the organizers of the massive protests that were announced in the event that President Trump won the elections. Following the strategy implemented by the mass media of proclaiming candidate Joe Biden president even before the vote counts were completed, the protests were suspended for the time being. 

Should the Trump campaign succeed in winning the legal battle it waged with its supporters and lawyers, and the corresponding authorities proclaiming him as the real winner of the election, as promised by the leftist groups, it is expected that they will take to the streets to try to destabilize the government using violence and every resource at hand, regardless of the consequences.

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