The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a power producer, nearly fired 200 technical employees to replace them with foreign workers on a special work visa (H-1B). Trump’s intervention in July succeeded in preventing the layoffs, and a far-left magazine acknowledged his action while criticizing the Democrats for not intervening.

As Breitbart reported in July, the U.S. technology workers’ union, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and TVA union workers denounced the TVA, for forcing some 200 U.S. workers to leave their jobs but first train the staff that would replace them, all foreigners on H-1B visas.

 Amid the training, President Trump intervened by announcing earlier this month that he was going to fire TVA President Skip Thompson, and at the same time he asked the board of directors to immediately dismiss his CEO.

During a conference at the White House, he sharply criticized the federal corporation for hiring foreign workers and allowing the executive director to earn an exorbitant and “ridiculous” salary of $8 million a year.

Jacobin magazine, calling itself “socialist,” admitted in an article that the “President filled the void for saving the jobs of American workers where Democrats failed to even acknowledge the issue.”

“And so Trump saved two hundred unionized workers in one of the last bastions of the New Deal legacy,” wrote Fred Stafford, the journalist who wrote the article. 

Amid the economic crisis caused by the CCP Virus, which forced thousands of businesses to close their doors, leaving employees without an income, President Trump sought to take action to regain jobs. On Aug. 3, in the wake of the conflict with the TVA, the Trump administration signed an executive order to ensure that the federal government prioritizes hiring U.S. citizens. 

At the press conference where President Trump presented the executive order, he was very critical of the TVA and its management. “Recently, the CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Jeffrey Lyash, made a disastrous and heartless decision. The TVA announced that it would lay off over 200 American workers and replace them with cheaper foreign workers brought in from overseas.”

Since the first effects on the economy from the CCP Virus were felt, the Trump administration has shown concern regarding job losses. 

At this week’s Republican National Convention (RNC), Trump said one of his top priorities is “a rapid return to full employment.” His closing speech was attended by many TVA’s workers.