President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are beginning the second day of their high-stakes nuclear summit with a one-on-one discussion.

Trump told reporters that “a lot of great ideas” are “being thrown about.” He says “when you have a good relationship, a lot of good things happen,” according to AP.

The president also said he’s in “no rush” to make “the right deal,” a sharp break from his heated rhetoric a year ago about the threat posed by Pyongyang.

Kim said: “We have made a lot of efforts so far. And we thought that now it’s time for us to come to Hanoi, sit together and have this wonderful dialogue. Let me assure you that I would do all my best to bring a good result ultimately today,” according to Vnexpress.

The two leaders are scheduled to have a private meeting in 45 minutes from 9 a.m., before they are joined by other officials. They will have dinner at noon.

Denuclearization, the end of the Korean war, and normalization of the U.S.-North Korea relations will be on the agenda.

‘Fantasy movie’

Kim added that the “whole world” was watching the talks and suggested that, for some, the image of the two “sitting side by side” must resemble “a fantasy movie.”

‘There are people who are welcoming this meeting. There are people who have remained skeptical about this meeting. But I’m sure that all of them would be watching the moment that we are sitting together, side by side, as they are watching a fantasy movie,” Kim said, through an interpreter.

Trump confident of North Korea turning into ‘economic powerhouse’

Trump said he believes he and Kim have set a “very strong” relationship between the two countries and it can be a foundation for future successes.

“I can say that in a little bit longer term and over a period of time I know it’s going to be fantastic success, with respect to Chairman Kim and North Korea, we’re going to have an economic powerhouse,” he said.

The two leaders had kickstarted their second summit with a short one-on-one meeting and dinner at the Hanoi Metropole Hotel on Wednesday evening.

Trump said at the meeting: “I thought the first summit was a great success and I think this one, hopefully will be, equal or greater than the first.”

Video: President Trump meets with North Korean Leader Kim in the 1st day of summit.

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