U.S. President Donald Trump said he trusted the assurance given by the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he will not carry out any nuclear tests.

President Trump spoke at a news conference following the abrupt end of his summit with the North Korean leader.

“It was very friendly,” Trump said when he was asked about walking away from the negotiation. “This wasn’t a walk away like you get up and walk out.”

“The relationship [with Kim] is good,” he said.

“I want to keep the relationship, we’ll see what will happen over the next period of time. Chairman Kim told me last night that he will not be doing any nuclear tests and I trust him,” Trump said.

“You always have to prepare to walk away. We actually had papers to sign but it was not appropriate. I don’t want to do it quick, I want to do it right,” Trump said when asked if it had been premature to hold the summit.

Sanctions the tumbling block

Responding to a question about whether it was North Korea’s desire to see the back of sanctions, which derailed talks, Trump said it was.

“Basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we couldn’t do that,” he said.

“We haven’t given up anything,” Trump said.

“He wants to denuke, he just wants to do areas that are less important than what we want,” Trump said of Kim.

“We want to give up the sanctions because that country has so much economic potential. But only when they agree to give up their nuclears,” Trump said.

He added that ultimately the breakdown of the summit “was about sanctions.”

Trump: ‘Sometimes you have to walk’

In an enigmatic statement, Trump said, “I felt it’s not a good thing to sign anything,” before giving the stage to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Pompeo said: “We ask him [Kim Jong Un] to do more but he has not prepared for that. I wish we could do more.”

“We didn’t get to something that made sense for the United States of America,” he said.

“Sometimes you have to walk,” Trump added. “This was just one of those times.”

Asked about Kim’s vision about denuclearization, Trump said, “He has a certain vision, it’s not exactly our vision but it was close to what happened a year ago.”

Third summit: maybe soon, maybe not

“I can’t tell you about the next meeting. It could be soon, it could be a long time. We really want to do it right,” Trump said.

He blamed previous administrations, particularly naming Obama, for “doing nothing on North Korea.”

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