A Californian Democrat’s family member back-pedaled on heated remarks she made earlier about prejudice against people belonging to a different race.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece withdrew her social media rant about a mass shooting in Colorado being linked to racist white people.

“I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting,” Meena Harris said on Twitter. “I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the United States are carried out by white men.”

The self-confessed Black Lives Matter supporter, who was once named New York Times best-selling author, had falsely accused Syrian-born suspected gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa of being Caucasian.

The 21-year-old male is accused of shooting multiple people dead inside of the King Soopers supermarket, about 29 miles northwest of downtown Denver.

Boulder Police Department officer Eric Talley, 51, was identified as one of 10 victims who lost their lives during the March 22 tragedy.

“The Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago,” Harris said in the now-deleted Twitter post. “Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.”

The rant did not impress “Megyn Kelly Show” journalist Steve Krakauer, who called the comments totally incorrect and divisive.

“The vice president’s niece is spreading misinformation and inflaming tensions after a tragic shooting,” he said on Twitter. “I guess this does not matter but, if it were happening during the last administration, it would be national news.”

However, Harris showed no remorse for her actions and even suggested she would continue to spread misinformation if she wishes.

“I will not be intimidated, and I will not be silenced,” she said on Twitter.

One Twitter user accused the author of being a hypocrite by deleting her earlier post.

“You tried to silence yourself,” Jewy, who is also known as murkywater2a, commented.

This is not the first time the Harris family has faced controversy. The vice president was recently caught hysterically laughing about the escalating U.S.–Mexico border crisis.

Fox News caught up with Kamala Harris outside of Air Force One and, during the media interview, she made it clear that she had no immediate plan to visit the southern border.

“Uh, um, not today,” she said in a video shared on Twitter.

The Democrat then laughed loudly for several seconds, suggesting the thousands of Mexican nationals—who tried to enter the United States illegally—did not rank highly on her agenda.

“I have [visited the border] before, and I am sure I will again,” she said.

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