The FBI published a list of the alleged suspects on Saturday, Jan. 9, for the crimes committed during the break in to the Capitol by the leftist infiltrators on Wednesday. The agency released a series of images of the people it considered “MAGA’s most wanted.” At the same time, the Department of Justice issued a statement in which it did not rule out including President Trump himself in the list, as one of the people responsible for the riots. 

The Capitol was violated by a large crowd of people who entered the historic building while legislators were discussing the electoral certification of the presidential election. According to accounts over the last few days, radical groups of the left like antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM), have allegedly been the ones who organized and promoted the entrance to the building. 

The FBI claims to be investigating the rioters and even published a series of images with the 36 “most wanted of MAGA.” Now it remains to be seen if the FBI really intends to search for the real culprits, belonging to antifa and BLM, or will it be an accomplice to the scandalous events that stained the history of the United States last Wednesday.

Something indicates that unfortunately both justice and the FBI are also part of the great deception, because according to recent statements they did not rule out including President Trump himself as one of those responsible for the riots on Capitol Hill.

According to the Daily Mail, even the Department of Justice issued a statement indicating that President Donald Trump could be added to the list of “wanted” people for his alleged “role” in the events and bring charges for the siege of the Capitol.

Acting D.C. federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin said on Thursday, “all options are on the table” to charge the rioters, who now could face up to 10 years in prison for assaulting federal property. 

Sherwin said the Department of Justice is watching all the players involved, not just those who entered the building. And when asked if the president could be included in the investigation, he responded affirmatively, saying, “We’re looking at all the actors here, and anyone who had a role and the evidence fits the elements of a crime will be charged.”

Despite the fact that the left and the Democrats put the entire media apparatus at their disposal to try to leave a bad image of President Trump and to try to impose a false story that places him as responsible for the events, reality shows that there is no valid argument to support such a lie.

Even before events escalated on Capitol Hill on Wednesday night, President Trump tweeted a comment urging his supporters to “go home with love and peace.” Because if there was one person who was going to look bad in the face of any violence, it was him. So why would he be interested in creating the chaos that was generated? It would be absurd. 

On Thursday, when Twitter lifted the suspension of President Trump’s user, he posted a video message to his followers calling for “healing and reconciliation” and promising that “our incredible journey is just beginning,” he said of the unrest in Washington, D.C. “Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, the anarchy and the chaos.” 

On Friday, in an act that was reprehensible, social networks as a whole, including Twitter and Facebook, took the decision to block President Trump’s official users indefinitely, thus eliminating the possibility of sharing with his followers his disclaimers in the face of the lies and false accusations transmitted during the last few days.

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