After the State of Texas sued as illegal the moratorium on the deportation of illegal aliens imposed by President Joe Biden, a judge accepted the claim and suspended it.

Federal Judge Drew Tipton issued his 14-day ruling to allow the legal process in which Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues that the moratorium is unconstitutional and violates an agreement between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Texas, reported local media Texas Tribune on Jan. 26.

“The issues implicated by that agreement are of such gravity and constitutional import that they require further development of the record and briefing prior to addressing the merits,” Judge Tipton explained of his decision.

Paxton communicated the results of his lawsuit in a tweet in which he called Biden’s action “a seditious insurrection by the left.”

“Texas is the FIRST state in the nation to bring a lawsuit against the Biden Admin,” shared Paxton.

He added, “AND WE WON. Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has HALTED his illegal deportation freeze.” 

“*This* was a seditious insurrection by the left. And my team and I stopped it,” he concluded.

Tipton also considered the damage Biden’s moratorium could do to the state of Texas and referred to it in his decision.

“Texas argues that ‘the categorical refusal to remove aliens ordered removable will encourage additional illegal immigration into Texas,’ thereby exacerbating its public service costs,” Tipton stated.

“The Court finds that the foregoing establishes a substantial risk of imminent and irreparable harm to Texas,” he added.

Additionally, the moratorium violates an established agreement between the Trump administration and Texas, which requires DHS to notify states before changing any immigration policy.

The policies that encourage Biden to facilitate illegal immigration and encourage illegal aliens already in the country to stay involve a serious national security issue, as determined by former President Donald Trump.

Along with the entry into the country of people who do not follow the laws established for residing in the country, murderers of the dangerous Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13 gang, human traffickers, and tons of drugs that cost the lives of Americans pass through.

For some analysts, the Democrats also intend to change the cultural and political configuration of the country, so that millions more immigrants will vote for them and thus increase their leftist power.

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