In a final appeal to the courts, President Trump filed an emergency lawsuit in the state of Georgia seeking to overturn the results of the alleged fraudulent election certification that deemed Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election. However, justice was again shown to defend the fraud and federal judge Mark Cohen on Tuesday, Jan. 5, denied the lawsuit. 

Once again justice showed its worst side and its true disinterest in promoting the values of truth, democracy, and justice that the founding fathers sowed. 

A federal judge on Tuesday denied the Trump campaign’s request that the courts overturn Georgia’s election certification and also noted that the court heard the case before Jan. 6, the date stipulated for certifying Electoral College votes in Congress.

The court finally heard the case before January 6 as requested, but its response was negative. Judge Mark Cohen denied the court order.

The new lawsuit filed by President Trump’s team on New Year’s Eve accused Georgia of violating the Election Code, due process, and election provisions by ignoring “express instructions regarding the collection, handling, processing, counting, and counting of mailed ballots,” and thus “improper certification of elections.”

At a rally in Georgia on Monday night, President Trump repeated his accusations of voter fraud, which have been rejected by election officials, both Republicans and Democrats in state after state, and the courts as far as the U.S. Supreme Court.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his staff have stated several times that they have found no evidence of widespread irregularities that would change the outcome of the election. His comments led to a sharp confrontation with both President Trump himself and his legal team, who repeatedly branded him an accomplice to fraud.

On Monday, the Trump administration had already been hit by a federal judge who also rejected a lawsuit filed by two legislators, voting rights groups, and other independents seeking to overturn the election results in the states of Wisconsin, Georgia, and four other swing states where Democrat Joe Biden defeated Trump by allegedly resorting to illegal actions to do so.

Earlier, another U.S. District judge dismissed a lawsuit by Trump supporters, led by attorney Sidney Powell, which also sought to block certification of Georgia’s election results.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made headlines for filing a mega lawsuit in the Supreme Court on Dec. 8 against four of the states, where the election results were heavily affected by various alleged cases of voter fraud.

The Texas lawsuit had a lot of support: 21 other states signed or expressed their desire to sign. In addition, more than 120 Republicans in the House also supported it.

However, the Supreme Court ruled against it and it was undoubtedly the hardest blow to the cause. House and Senate Republicans, hope that on Wednesday they will express their support for Trump during a joint session to certify the results of the Electoral College, which they will seek to challenge.