George Washington University chair of public interest law Jonathan Turley in a Dec. 17 analysis column on The Hill panned Democrats for their attempt to hastily impeach President Donald Trump, and explained why the inquiry is bound to “fail.”

“The Trump impeachment is even weaker than the Johnson impeachment, which had an accepted criminal act as its foundation,” Turley wrote, citing the 1868 impeachment of Andrew Johnson he described as “the very prototype of an abusive impeachment. “This will be the first presidential impeachment to go forward without such a recognized crime but, like the Johnson impeachment, it has a manufactured and artificial construct.”

“The Trump impeachment also marks the fastest impeachment of all time, depending on how you count the days in the Johnson case,” the George Washington law professor added.

Despite Turley “strongly” encouraging the House to “abandon the arbitrary deadline of impeaching Trump before Christmas” and to “take a couple more months to build a more complete record and to allow judicial review” of the case against the president, Democrats seem to have taken the law professor’s suggestion with a grain of salt.

“Democrats have set a virtual rocket docket schedule and will impeach Trump for not turning over witnesses and documents in that short period even though he is in court challenging congressional demands,” Turley wrote. “Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton both were able to go to court to challenge demands for testimony and documents. The resulting judicial opinions proved critical to the outcome of the cases.”

Sharing a similar sentiment on Fox News, author and commentator Mark Steyn in a Monday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” poked fun at MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid’s speculation about President Trump likely refusing to be leave office after his term ends is actually a reflection of how Reid and others are worried about the Republican president winning the 2024 election.

“What happens if Donald Trump … just says, ‘If I leave this office I might get prosecuted in New York. I’m not leaving’,” Reid asked, then stating that “dictatorships happen all over the world when the person who jokes about not leaving doesn’t leave,” while claiming that President Trump’s speech style reminiscent of Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

“Joy Reid has finally figured it out,” Steyn told Fox host Tucker Carlson. “While the Democrats have been distracted investigating Trump for stealing the 2016 election, he has already stolen the 2024 election. That is how smart he is.”

Responding to Reid’s question of what the public can do “if they believe that the election was not legitimate,” Steyn said that the supposition reminded him of the Medieval “ducking stool.”

“If a woman went under the water and came up breathing, that proved she was a witch. If the woman drowned, that proved she was innocent, but she was already dead,” Steyn explained.

“For the Democrats, the only way that Trump can prove he’s innocent on the ducking stool is to lose an election,” Steyn added. “These guys have already baked in the fact that he is going to win again and then they’re already lost in paranoid fevers of him staying in power.”